Presidential election 2022: Michel Barnier details his program and is very critical of Emmanuel Macron

After a “Five-year period of missed opportunities” with Emmanuel Macron, he aspires to be “The president of the reconciliation of the French”. Applying to be the right-wing candidate for the next presidential election, Michel Barnier unveiled his program Thursday, September 23 to Point.

The one who defines himself as a “Social Gaullist” especially wants “Encourage those who do not work to do so”, with a social allowance “Unique” and “Capped”. The allocations “Must be suspended after two refusals of a reasonable offer”, according to him.

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He also advocates increasing the remuneration of those who “Are on the front line” in health and education. “We must revalue the profession of teachers, whose salaries are too low”, he argues. Among its other proposals, to open 20,000 additional prison places, “Restore the double penalty and the minimum penalties”, organize a referendum on immigration, reduce production taxes “Of 10 billion euros” or lower the charges on intermediate salaries “From 1.6 to 2.5 minimum wage”

“Legal sovereignty”

The former European Union negotiator for Brexit also returned to the controversial comments he made earlier this month on immigration and the legal sovereignty of European states. On the occasion of the parliamentary days of the Republicans, Mr. Barnier had notably declared that it was necessary “Regain our legal sovereignty” on the issue of migration and had wished not to be “Permanently threatened with a judgment or a conviction by the European Court of Justice or the Convention on Human Rights, or with an interpretation of our own judicial institution”.

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Words that surprised, especially in Brussels. But the former minister of agriculture of Nicolas Sarkozy judged these criticisms “Pathetic and derisory” and repeated not having “No lesson of European commitment to receive”. “If we don’t change anything, there will be other Brexits, that’s for sure”, he adds.

In his program, he promises to entrust to Parliament “A very important job of evaluating all the European directives” that would be applied “Sometimes with too much zeal”. “I am not for a Europe that stuns, but for that which associates while respecting. Europe must not crush people like chestnuts, said General de Gaulle ”, he recalls.

LR Congress Saturday

In this interview, Mr. Barnier also treats the five-year term of Emmanuel Macron, in particular for his management of the health crisis: “I blame the outgoing president for leading alone, to the point of having neglected, in the management of Covid-19, the local authorities, the private sector, including hospitals, and the French themselves. During this health crisis, it is incredible that health democracy has come to a standstill. ”

And, according to him, the recent Australian submarine affair is “A sort of trademark of Macronian diplomacy: grandiose ambitions in the form of incantations, but, in the end, French loneliness, because this government is unable to convince our partners or to make us respect”.

This interview comes two days before the choice of LR activists to find out how the party will nominate its candidate for the presidential election. Meeting in a digital congress on Saturday, they will have to choose the new method of designation: either a primary with two turns, open to supporters of the right and the center, or a congress reserved only for LR members.

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