Presidential election 2022: Marine Le Pen seeks to regain control of his campaign

Gear shift: Marine Le Pen is trying to get back to the center of the debate. After some discreet trips to the regions, the candidate of the National Assembly for the presidential election is back in force on her favorite terrain, with a referendum project ” drastic ” on identity and immigration that she presented, Tuesday, September 28, to the press gathered in the Etoile-Saint-Honoré salons, near the Champs-Elysées, in Paris, after having outlined it the day before, at the ” 20 hours ”from France 2.

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A step advanced by his team to relaunch, in an emergency, a sluggish campaign. On the form, his advisers had imagined Marine Le Pen in “Chirac 1995”, “Meet the French” for two or three months, far from the media frenzy. Basically, she relied on programmatic work, witness to a “standardization” operated since 2017 and illustrated by proposals that she wants. “Concrete”. What, she hopes, pierce her glass ceiling made up of wealthy categories and retirees.

But the political and media dynamic of Eric Zemmour turns everything upside down. The polemicist and putative candidate of the far right continues to climb; Marine Le Pen keeps retreating. According to a Harris Interactive poll for Challenges published Wednesday, it now collects 13% of voting intentions in the first round, trailing Xavier Bertrand (14%) and only three points behind Marine Le Pen (16%). An unprecedented photograph of public opinion, which the marinist entourage is convinced that it is a “Bubble” powered by a ” handling “.

“Zemmour is Jean-Marie Le Pen from the 1980s”

Despite everything, Mme Le Pen recalls that she was the champion of anti-system populism. “The time for observation has passed, it was yesterday’s time”, swept away the one who chaired the National Front for a decade, valuing her fifty-year-old political precedence. A tribute to his father, always quick to be alarmed by a threatening African population explosion “The boreal continent, from Gibraltar to Vladivostok”“Zemmour is Jean-Marie Le Pen from the 1980s”, said Philippe Ballard, communications director of Mme Le Pen, in the process.

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But the reigning far-right candidate claims, at the same time, that she has turned into a government. If she shares “The report” from the author of French suicide (Albin Michel, 2014), she has been clinging to the image of technicality and polite seriousness for months. Framed by two advisers, she insisted on Tuesday on her offer ” keys in hand “, solutions “Realistic, that is to say politically and legally viable and therefore concretely applicable”, as during his political re-entry in Fréjus (Var), on September 11.

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