Presidential election 2022: after the investigation of the “World”, Marine Le Pen renews her confidence in her campaign director Christophe Bay

Many escapades but renewed confidence. After the publication of the World revealing, Thursday, September 23, that the campaign director of Marine Le Pen, Christophe Bay, had been targeted by administrative investigations for unjustified expenses when he was prefect, the candidate of the National Rally immediately wanted to maintain his support .

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Mr. Bay “Have all my confidence”, “I have known Christophe Bay for six years. I have absolutely never seen, either from near or far, the slightest action of the type of those who are the subject of this defamatory paper “, replied the candidate to requests from the press on the sidelines of a trip to Hayange (Moselle). In ” In no case “ these revelations call into question his place in the device of his campaign, she assured. “I did not choose a political profile, but rather that of a great servant of the State, Marine Le Pen confided in early September to Figaro about her. It is an added value. “

“It was systemic”

But according to the survey of World, Christophe Bay, who was in particular Prefect of Aube (2011-2014) and Dordogne (2014-2016), was investigated by the General Inspectorate of Administration (IGA) in these positions. before being relieved of its functions in 2016. The public body noted, in 2016 in Dordogne, “Costly practices unrelated to the function of prefect” valued at more than 3,000 euros for food costs, the purchase of camping equipment or even bottles of whiskey. In Aube, these unjustified expenses are estimated to be between 20,000 and 30,000 euros, according to another survey by the IGA cited in the survey by World. As a result of these reports, Mr. Bay was dismissed from his post in 2016, before joining Le Pen during the 2017 presidential election, where he notably provided him with notes on security and immigration

“He was using public goods, it was systemic. In the private sector, it would be the abuse of corporate assets ”, explained to the World Eric Morvan, former head of the national police, who received the report on the Aube prefecture in 2015. “There is no sanction, nothing at all (…). The Socialists wanted to fire me ”, defended Mr. Bay, who claims to have reimbursed the amounts claimed and denounces a political use of a random check, where there was nothing ”. However, he had made no recourse at the time.

While Mr Bay announced his intention to file a complaint after the article was published, The world maintains all of its information.

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