Presidential 2022: Xavier Bertrand criticizes Emmanuel Macron’s “martial postures” on security and promises “the end of impunity”

Additional prison places, criminal majority reduced to 15 years, fines withheld from wages, even to people receiving active solidarity income (RSA): Xavier Bertrand, right-wing presidential candidate, detailed his proposals for security, Wednesday 15 September in Saint-Quentin (Aisne). He took the opportunity to castigate the “Martial postures” Emmanuel Macron and promise “The end of impunity” if he is elected.

Behind a desk titled “Safety Again”, Mr. Bertrand said: “We will not relieve France if we do not put as a prerequisite the restoration of authority in our country”, considering that“Emmanuel Macron forgot him”. Because “Without the experience of a local elected representative, it is impossible to understand all the forms of insecurity which, today, fracture our country” and of “Feel what the French are going through”, judges the right-wing presidential candidate.

Promising that if elected his term would be “That of the end of impunity”, Xavier Bertrand criticized “Martial postures, “Marshall plans” without tomorrow “ and “Electoral staging in Marseille, Roubaix or elsewhere” who “Have only reinforced the mistrust of the French”.

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“Generalized questioning of the police”

The day before, in Roubaix, Emmanuel Macron had announced a budget extension of 500 million for security in 2022 and gave the broad outlines of his future action with, in particular, a doubling of the police on the ground, and a programming law. He also announced the establishment of“A parliamentary control body for the police”, in response to criticism of the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) and the General Inspectorate of the National Gendarmerie (IGGN).

Posing as a defender of the police who “Have become targets”, he described Emmanuel Macron’s proposal as a new tool for controlling the police, which, according to him, “Participates in this generalized questioning of the police”.

” The situation is serious. I hear the exasperation and the anger of our fellow citizens. Tomorrow, if we do nothing, some will take justice into their own hands. And the day after tomorrow, it would be civil war. The role of a president is to do everything to avoid it ”, he said.

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20,000 additional prison places

Among his lines of work, he assured that “Anyone who commits an offense or a crime must be sure that they will be punished”, with various measures: penal majority reduced to 15 years, mandatory minimum sentences for repeat offenders, “One year in prison” for attacks by the police …

So that the sentences handed down “Are really executed”, he promised 20,000 more places in prison and to deport “Systematically” foreign offenders at the end of their sentence. Also, for criminal fines, he proposed that they “Be entered directly on wages or, where applicable, on certain social benefits, such as the RSA”.

Mr. Bertrand also pleaded for “Fight against the phenomenon of gangs which installs ultraviolence in the heart of our cities and, more and more, of our countryside”, by combating drug trafficking. At last, “The perpetrators of terrorist attacks will no longer be released for 50 years”, he said, calling for “Change the law to fight Islamism”.

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