Presidential 2022: Anne Hidalgo, candidate in the phase of “deparisiannization”

Whatever happens, Anne Hidalgo, now an official presidential candidate, has already done better than Lionel Jospin. In 2002, the Socialist Prime Minister had cracked a fax, austere and cryptic, sent from his home to Agence France-Presse, to inform the French that he was a candidate. A declaration, quite simple to execute a priori, but which had almost turned into a fiasco. Not having fully mastered this “modern” transmission device, Mr. Jospin had to get help to send the document.

This time, there was no technical hitch when Anne Hidalgo declared the solemn sentence, this Sunday, September 12 at 10:52 am There were more people, it was more maritime than nineteen years ago, political communication was even all the way out on the quays of the Seine in Rouen. A special day strewn with symbols a little crude, but assumed, because it is a question of keeping it simple: Anne Hidalgo, in the active phase of acute “deparisiannization”, chose Rouen to demonstrate that, during the next eight months, she was will send to the whole of France. She also chose to put forward ostensibly the still harmonious collective of her “French team of mayors” which she decided to select to convey the clear message of a candidacy of proximity, rooted in reality and the daily life of citizens. To position itself, ultimately, against the supposed technocratic Bonapartism of the Head of State. Oppose respect for others to “Contempt, arrogance, condescension of those who know so little about our lives”.

“His candidacy is completely relevant and legitimate, because his career, his history, his fights, his values, refer to a republican promise”reacted Mathieu Klein, mayor of Nancy, appointed chief pilot of the future presidential project. “Republican Promise”, two words which have just entered the everyday language of his campaign and will feed the narrative springs. Just like the keywords “humility”, “transform”, “reindustrialization”, “work”, which she used throughout her speech. The main lines of its social-democratic and ecological project have been identified: ecological transition, the fight against inequalities, education, etc. “We will be daring, rigorous and consistent”, she promised.

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