President Biden calls to reject the theory of the great replacement

Buffalo, United States. The US presidential couple paid tribute yesterday before a mountain of flowers to the ten victims of the racist massacre that occurred on Saturday in Buffalo.

Shortly after his arrival in this city, President Joe Biden and his wife Jill visited the supermarket Tops where one of the worst massacres in recent US history took place.

Young Payton Gendron, an 18-year-old conspiracy theorist, carried out a killing spree with an assault rifle. “Terrorism,” Biden defined it.

“I urge all Americans to reject this lie and I condemn all those who spread it to gain power, votes and money,” Biden said in reference to these theories such as the so-called “great replacement” which pretends that immigrants will gradually replace the white population.

Biden calls for assault rifles like the ones used on Saturday to be banned. He has wanted to make criminal and psychiatric background checks mandatory for people who buy firearms.

Biden tried to comfort the families of the victims: “The time will come” when the memory of those who are no longer “will draw a smile on the lips before tears appear.”

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