President and Vice President of the Catholic Board Acclaimed

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Trustees Fulvio Valentinis and Lisa Soulliere were hailed as president and vice president of the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board for one more year.

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It is the fourth time the couple has been hailed for their positions.

“Despite the ongoing challenges we have faced due to the ongoing pandemic, we have accomplished a great deal on behalf of our staff, students and their families,” said Valentinis, who works on Wards 1 and 10. “The focus of Our administration since the schools reopened in September have been building relationships, and we continue to apply that concept in practical and meaningful ways to re-engage our students in their learning. I look forward to another year working with my fellow trustees so that we can continue to help our students be successful. “

Voting took place at the board’s annual organizational meeting on November 30.

“As trustees we have an obligation to ensure that we are focused on providing outstanding learning experiences for our students,” said Soulliere, who represents the Lakeshore area. “The pandemic poses some serious challenges, but our administration has demonstrated its commitment to ensuring that the needs of our students are met. I look forward to working with our management team to make sure we stay focused on our priorities. “

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