President Alberto Fernández backs down on the counter-summit

Mexico City. A call from the president of the United States to Alberto Fernández possibly diluted the desire of the presidents of Mexico and Argentina to carry out a counter-summit, the one related to the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC),

Argentina is in charge of the pre tempore presidency of CELAC and for a week, together with Mexico, they planned to carry out the counter-summit as a protest against President Biden for not having invited the Summit of the Americas, scheduled for June 6 to 10 in Los Angeles, to Venezuela and Cuba.

The counter-summit proposal advanced in Mexico City, where Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero and his Aztec counterpart, Marcelo Ebrard, agreed to promote the meeting. The format was not defined, but the possibility of it taking place as a breakfast or dinner is being evaluated, published the Uruguayan newspaper El Observador.

“The event will take place in parallel, without conflicting with the schedule of the official agenda of the Summit of the Americas and the spirit is to stay united as a block despite the differences,” explained sources from the Argentine Foreign Ministry over the weekend.

“That idea, official sources comment, was diluted and remained on “stand by”, since now both Fernández and López Obrador await a counterproposal from Washington to define some additional joint initiative,” the newspaper La Nación published yesterday.

Phone call

Faced with the boycott threats from AMLO and Alberto Fernández, the US president decided to call Fernández on Wednesday night. They chatted for 25 minutes, according to a source from the Argentine government.

Biden invited Alberto Fernández to visit Washington in July, the White House reported, dispelling the possibility that Fernández will not travel to Los Angeles for the Summit of the Americas.

According to the White House, Biden has invited Fernández to strengthen “the active engagement between the United States and Argentina on bilateral, regional and global issues, in particular human rights, food insecurity, climate change, energy, technological innovation and critical supply chains.

President AMLO is expected to attend and criticize the OAS and highlight his rejection for not having invited Cuba.

Fernández confirmed his attendance at the Summit of the Americas on Wednesday, but that of the presidents of Mexico, Bolivia, Honduras and the 14-nation Caribbean bloc remains up in the air.

Biden’s call to Fernández turns the Summit of the Americas on its head. Now, all that remains is to know if AMLO decides to travel or not.

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