Precipitation throughout Spain, when will it stop raining?

In a somewhat atypical month of March, it has already rained 40% more than normal. Thus, as forecast by the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), the meteorological instability accompanied by precipitation in most of Spain will continue to perpetuate next week.

The AEMET spokesman, Rubén del Campo, highlights a start of spring with an episode of rains characterized by the persistence of precipitation rather than its intensity. “Precisely the intensity is usually more extreme in autumn, when the Mediterranean is warmer,” she reports.

Thus, in the first 20 days of March they have already been collected in Spain an average of 65 liters per square meterwhat they imply 44% more than normal it usually rains throughout the month (about 45 liters per square meter). Even in a good part of the country -except the extreme north, the east of the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands- until March 20 it has rained more than double and even triple what is established.

more rain

This Wednesday has landed a new storm to the southwest of the Peninsulawhile the flow of humid maritime wind from the Mediterranean. Likewise, AEMET has activated an orange level warning for wind and rain in the southeast of the peninsula.

But the forecast for Thursday and Friday, the service foresees that the unstable environmentwith widespread rain in most of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. Persistent and with important accumulations in the Mediterranean area and in the Central system. As well, temperatures will rise higher than usual for the time, up to 20 degrees in the Cantabrian regions.

Likewise, the weakest and least likely rainfall will be in the extreme north of the peninsula and in the Canary Islands, where there is the possibility of a shower in the north of the islands with greater relief.

The snow level will be between 1,200 and 1,600 meters and strong winds will continue to blow in the Mediterranean and southeast of the Peninsula.

Instability at the end of the week

Looking ahead to the weekend, the greatest instability will continue concentrated in the Mediterraneanwith “abundant” rains in points of Castellón and the province of Valencia, as well as in the northeast of Catalonia. In the rest of the country they will no longer be so widespread, although there will be cloudy intervals with “spring showers” that will be less likely the further west.

The spokesman announces that on Sunday afternoon it will approach from the southwest and leave southwestern cloudy skies and precipitation at the end of the day and on Monday. In the Canary Islands it will rain during the weekend.

Temperature rise and another storm

A “sharp” rise in temperatures in almost the entire country will take place this Sunday, a day in which there will be greater stability, without ruling out more rains of lesser intensity in southern Andalusia, the Valencian Community, Murcia and northern Catalonia.

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And next monday a new storm will leave rain again in the south of the Peninsula, which will extend the following days to “wide zones of the territory”, for which Rainfall will be widespread until the middle of next week.

But there is still a shortage

With this, the rainfall deficit that on February 28 stood at 42%, has been reduced to 30%. “There is still a long way to go to reverse the situation of low rainfall that took place during the autumn and winter,” he assessed, but for now the rains in March are helping to “partially alleviate” the situation.

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