PPassion of hawks

The premiere of the second season of the soap opera ‘Pasión de gavilanes’ on Telecinco was overshadowed by the much more morbid and sentimental melodrama offered by the People’s Party with the skull open. In the first chapter, the beautiful Isabel Díaz Ayuso discovers that her beloved Pablo Casado plots with Teodoro García Egea (husband with father!) a betrayal against her, in her own home. The perfidious Ángel Carromero has put detectives on her to find anything that harms her, for example, evidence that she plugged her brother into buying masks.

“Let her prove that I’m not honest!” the poor woman shouts, to which the paternal and sorrowful Teodoro responds: “When no one believed in her, when no one supported her, the national leadership was there to defend her. President Casado has been a strong supporter of it for seventeen years.” She almost has tears in her eyes as the father mocked by her most beloved daughter, by her ward. But the beautiful Isabel wants to be free. Victim of Casado’s sick jealousy, she feels harassed, crushed, controlled: “I would like to know how many votes all those who have been dedicated to attacking me for months have obtained for the Popular Party. It is very painful that leaders of your party are the ones who want to destroy you.”

What a plot! Next, Teodoro denies that there are spies, and so does Ayuso’s stepbrother, Mayor Almeida, clearly aligned with the family, but then the detective says that they did hire him and the perfidious Carromero, who worked for Almeida, resigns at eight hours. Unforeseen turn of events! Was it about clarifying a possible case of corruption of Ayuso behind closed doors, or were they looking for anything to behead his most resplendent asset to benefit the mediocre Casado?

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ANDhe melodrama has all the necessary elements to summon a great audience success. Not since the fratricide of Podemos (those wonderful days in which Íñigo Errejón and Pablo Iglesias emulated Caín and Abel) had Spanish politics produced such an exciting, moving, and sentimental series! “I could never imagine that the national leadership of my party would act in such a cruel way against me,” laments Ayuso. “I could never imagine that the leadership of a party that has given everything would be attacked in such a cruel way,” answered Teodoro. What a script!

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