PP-Vox pact in Castilla y León: the 4 keys to Feijóo’s first trance

  • Mañueco’s agreement with the extreme right steals the candidate’s usual days of grace as president of the PP

Alberto Nunez Feijoo He is in the middle of an emergency landing maneuver in Madrid and he is already proving that he is not going to have a day of grace as a conservative leader. Even before taking office as president of the PP, on April 2, responsibilities are already attributed to him and one that especially stings: that of opening the Government of Castilla y León to the extreme right of Vox, a party that emerged after an internal fracture of the popular ones and that does not stop eating spaces. According to Feijóo, the responsibility for reaching this pact has been solely Alfonso Fernandez Manuecoalthough all the opposition, with the PSOE and United We Can at the head, already have it under their belt.

After the elections of February 13 in which it was seen that the PP was destined to come to an understanding with Vox, the popular ones were in no hurry to close an agreement with the party of Santiago Abascal. They said that the institutional calendar allowed room for end of May so that Alfonso Fernandez Manueco was invested. First, they assured, the agreement could be closed to elect the Board of the Cortes, on March 10, and, later, it would be seen how the distribution of government portfolios.

The implosion of the PP, however, changed those plans. The date of the congress, April 1 and 2, in which Feijóo will be elected the new president of the PP, forced speed up the calendar to try to separate the decision to agree with Vox from the new leadership of the party.

Feijóo, who wears a gala having stopped Vox in Galicia, where he did not manage to enter Parliament in the 2020 elections, he has not yet clarified how the relationship with the extreme right is raised, now that he is going to be leader of the PP. The candidate for now continues to avoid going to the bottom of an issue that is challenging the conservative formations traditional from all over Europe. On Germany and Belgium, the democratic cordon to prevent any political pact with the extreme right-wing parties is robust. On Franceis getting weaker and Netherlands There is no type of veto to the two populist and anti-immigration formations that have seats in the Dutch Parliament.

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The consequences for Moreno

Juanma Brownthe president of the Junta de Andalucía, is the other great affected of this operation closed by Mañueco in Castilla y León. Moreno has to go through the polls before the end of the year and this pact between his party and Vox puts a red carpet to the PSOE in an autonomy that, as the Andalusian president often recalls, it is “sociologically progressive.” For this reason, it took him a few minutes to emphasize that he wants to govern alone and refuses to include the leaders of the extreme right in his future Executive.

According to the calculations of the Andalusian PP, the polls give Moreno a margin to achieve a more comfortable result than Mañueco. Although the leader of Castilla y León also said that when he decided in December to advance the elections: he insisted that the polls placed him close to the absolute majority (41 attorneys) and, therefore, Vox’s power of influence would be scarce. In the end, he won the elections but the margin was not as wide as expected. The PP won 31 seats and Vox, 13.

The president of the European PP, Donald tuskaffirmed this Thursday that he hopes that the pact in power of PP-Vox “It is just an accident and not a trend & rdquor ;. However, some senior officials consulted by this newspaper not only fit with “normality & rdquor; the “only way out & rdquor; that Mañueco had since he did not want to return to the polls. They also said that “it’s not bad & rdquor; that Castile and Leon serve as a “stress test” before the “scenario that is coming in 2023 & rdquor ;, with municipal and regional elections in more than half of the communities. “This is going to be repeated in hundreds of municipalities in 2023, so it is better to see how this agreement works and check if Vox goes down or not. We have managed to make Ciudadanos practically disappear after sharing governments with them & rdquor ;, analyzed a PP parliamentarian.

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