PP candidate, by Emma Riverola

The end of the ‘ongi etorri’, that has been requested by the group of ETA prisoners. In a statement, it has recognized that the tributes to the inmates cause “pain & rdquor; to the victims and calls for them to stop taking place in public spaces. The gesture is important, not only because it encourages ending a festive reaffirmation of terror, but because it also implies an explicit recognition of the victim’s humanity. Something obvious, but not so much in ideological terms. Terrorism is a process of dehumanization of the enemy. He despises his pain because he denies him as a person. In this context, the statements of Arnaldo Otegi last October, expressing “from the heart” his “regret and pain for the suffering caused & rdquor ;.

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The PP has dispatched the communiqué as a strategy to benefit the prisoners. Pablo Casado considers it a “fabrication to whitewash Otegi” and affirms that “‘ongi etorri’ cannot be in public or in private”. Will you plan to put policemen in the houses? The leader of the PP is not wrong. Obviously there is a strategy in the ad, there is also it in your own words. Yours is perpetuate tension. You know, tension is always a good candidate for the PP.


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