PP and United We can demand an investigation into the deaths in Melilla

PP and United We Can have demanded this Monday an investigation into the 23 deaths, according to the official balance, which occurred last Friday in the Melilla valley on the Moroccan side when nearly 2,000 people tried to cross to Spanish soil. In an unusual combination, popular and purple have agreed on the need to clarify what happened. The conservatives, more forceful, have also demanded that Pedro Sánchez retract his words when he considered “well resolved” the jump to the fence by the Moroccan gendarmerie.

The spokesperson for United We Can in Congress, Paul Echeniquehas assured that they are “horrified” after the published images and has maintained that “Spain has to be at the forefront of Human Rights” leading an “independent investigation”. With less momentum, but along the same lines, the second vice president and leader of United We Can, Yolanda Díaz, has stated that it is necessary to “know what happened” last Friday and has made it clear that “human rights cannot be relativized”, although he has avoided commenting on Sánchez’s position.

It cannot be that the control of migratory flows leads to dozens of deaths at the doors of our house”Echenique insisted after announcing that they have registered a non-law proposal in which they urge the Government to “immediately open an independent investigation to clarify this human tragedy and derive the corresponding political and criminal responsibilities in collaboration with the diplomatic delegations of the European Union present in Moroccan territory”.

Low profile

Practically at the same time that Echenique made this announcement, the Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, appeared in Moncloa after the meeting of the Council of Ministers for the approval of the trans law. Despite the fact that he has been asked up to five times about the position of the purples, in all of them the minister spokesperson, Elizabeth Rodriguez, has been in charge of responding, making it clear that only she would account for this matter. The silence of the minister of United We Can was previously agreed with the socialist wing of the Executive.

In addition, the purples have avoided criticizing Sánchez’s speech at all times, repeated this Monday by different leaders of the PSOE, according to which the response of the State Security Forces and Bodies was correct in the face of the assault and blaming the migratory mafias . In the ranks of United We Can there is a lot of discomfort with the position adopted by the majority partner, but they rule out the idea of ​​breaking up the Government on this issue.

“Do not turn the page”

For its part, the PP steering committee has approved an institutional declaration that “deplores” the tragedy experienced on Friday at the Melilla fence, with a balance of 23 deaths and demands that the President of the Government “urgently retract” the words he said on Saturday, when he considered the outcome “well resolved” with the collaboration of the Moroccan police. “No death in these circumstances can be indifferent. We ask that you retract that statement now.& rdquor ;, has insisted Esteban Gonzalez Pons after the meeting of the conservative leadership.

The PP believes that “all the circumstances” that led to the “tragic outcome” should be “clarified” and whether the Ministry of the Interior “had information about what was going to happen.” Pons has also insisted that the state of the cooperation policy with Morocco must be specified.

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Despite the fact that the popular ones avoid detailing in which Ministry that investigation should be opened, Pons has claimed “Do not turn the page with so many dead”, reproaching at different times Sánchez’s statements last Saturday in Moncloa. “He is the president of the Aquarius, we must remember him,” said Pons, who considers “that something is not working well in this government of socialists and purples” if the coalition believes that what was experienced the other day in Melilla “is a matter well resolved & rdquor ;.

In the eyes of the PP “the essential & rdquor; is to “intensify forecasting and early warnings” so that these concentrations do not take place, although Pons has always avoided referring to how the Moroccan authorities proceeded in view of the images. In the institutional declaration, which has eight points, the popular have once again insisted on demanding from the Government, as it appeared in its proposal for a state pact on national security, that at the NATO summit the allies be required to incorporate the new Strategic Concept “the protection of the territorial integrity of all Member States & rdquor; so that there are no doubts about the perimeter secured by the Alliance, looking at Ceuta and Melilla.

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