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We must modernize the agronomist profession, organizations argue

We all remember the whistleblower agronomist Louis Robert, fired and then rehired by the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ). He denounced intimidation and interference by the private sector in pesticide research. A group of organizations affirms that the law governing the agronomist profession in Quebec must be updated as quickly as possible. In June 2022, the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec, André Lamontagne, tabled Bill 41 aimed at modernizing the supervision of the agronomist profession, which had not been updated since 1973. The project was unsuccessful, and the issues of conflicts of interest which have persisted for many years are still there. The Association for Public Health of Quebec (ASPQ), Équiterre, the National Regroupment of Regional Environmental Councils of Quebec (RNCREQ), the Victims of Quebec Pesticides, Vigilance OGM and the Cooperative for Local Agriculture ( CAPE) are calling for the tabling of a new legislative proposal, which would be modeled on Bill 41 (Act to amend the Agronomists Act), filed in June 2022.

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National Entrepreneurship Week

From April 28 to May 4, numerous activities are on the program to highlight all the issues of takeover and propose solutions. Takeover is one of the essentials to ensure the sustainability and prosperity of Quebec businesses. Are you an entrepreneur and planning to retire? Do you have the ambition to take up the torch of the company for which you work, alone or in a group? You will get answers to your questions during the events of April 30, whether it is “Takeover: an antidote to societal issues”, organized by the Quebec Business Transfer Center, the launch of the guide on the transfer of property family businesses from the ORIA Collective or the webinar on the contribution of entrepreneurship to development organized by the CPQ. Other events are coming, including the Entrepreneurship Summit at the Palais des congrès on 1er and May 2.

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Glassdoor now wants to know your real name

The site known for its candid reviews from anonymous employees is now less anonymous than before. Workers love Glassdoor because they see companies in their true light. While historically it only required email addresses, but not names, to sign up for Glassdoor, the site has now changed its signup process and asks people to disclose their full name, job title and employer. Glassdoor has been good at defending its users’ rights in the past, according to Aaron Mackey, senior attorney at the digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation, which represented a Glassdoor user in 2019 when the company Kraken attempted to unmask the opinion authors. Mr Mackey believes it is a major and worrying change if the way the business is run now creates the possibility of identifying people whether or not they are prosecuted. Glassdoor’s acquisition of Fishbowl in 2021 brought together two platforms hosting candid discussions about work, providing a counterbalance to LinkedIn, which relies on the use of users’ identities and tends to spread an idealized discourse about work . Glassdoor is owned by Recruit Holdings, which owns Indeed.

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Generation Z bosses are reinventing the job market by abolishing the 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. work, favoring afternoon naps and focusing on casual meetings with employees, reports the magazine Fortune.


No to “9 to 5” every day

Generation Z bosses are reinventing the job market by abolishing the 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. work, favoring afternoon naps and focusing on casual meetings with employees, reports the magazine Fortune. “I’m not made to work 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day, I can’t concentrate for that long. This can no longer be the concept, it must be more flexible than that,” he told Fortune Milly Bannister, 27, who runs the ALLKND charity in Sydney. Science proves him right, human beings do not have a very long attention span on screen. If the foundations of today’s global economy are built on traditional careers, where workers log in and clock in day in and day out, allowing total flexibility could make predictions impossible and productivity harder to measure and cause friction in communication. Generation Z entrepreneurs with whom Fortune spoke want a happy medium: creating companies where everyone focuses on an ultimate ambition, while having the autonomy necessary to organize their working days.

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The Australian Human Rights Commission’s (AHRC) latest national survey into sexual harassment in the workplace, published on the ABC Australia website, shows that 89% of women, 64% of men and 99% non-binary people have been harassed. This is up from 85%, 56% and 89% recorded in 2018. In male-dominated sectors, this figure is even higher. Data released by national violence prevention organization Our Watch, which is launching a prevention campaign, shows nine in ten business leaders admitted it was a serious problem they needed to address . “We have gone too far as a society to continue to allow thousands of women to be excluded from jobs and opportunities because employers fail to provide the leadership necessary to ensure their safety and security.” , said Australian Government Assistant Minister for Prevention of Family Violence, Justine Elliot.

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