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Danièle Henkel appointed lieutenant of the Canadian Armed Forces

The businesswoman well known to the public for her participation in the show In the eye of the dragon was officially named honorary lieutenant-colonel of the Régiment de Maisonneuve of the Canadian Armed Forces on Saturday. “This is a page of history that is being written, because it is the first time that a woman from this regiment has been appointed to this position. Another glass ceiling is shattered,” she says on the phone. By wearing the uniform, Danièle Henkel says she feels a connection with her father Heinz who served in the French Legion, but whom she did not know. This new position will allow her to advance certain issues that are close to her heart, such as the situation of women in the army, young mutilated veterans who are rejected by civil society and reservists. “I want to bring business people and the army together,” she explains. I want to make entrepreneurs understand that reservists, who work all week in their company, sometimes need to train. »

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The study

Young professionals want balance above all

Workers aged 16 to 35 place work-life balance as a top priority while a good salary is important, but far from enough on its own to attract and retain these young professionals, reveals the sixth edition of the “Let’s work together” survey carried out by Léger for the Regroupement des Jeunes Chambres de Commerce du Québec (RJCCQ). Since 2021, this project has been analyzing work-family balance, mental health, working conditions and expectations of employers among this age group. The survey questions are always the same so that you can observe how the results change over time. The 600 respondents aged 16 to 35 and the 201 respondents aged 36 to 64 indicated that the priority remains personal life, followed, in second place, by financial security. However, personal life is more important among young professionals aged 16 to 35 (62%) than among those aged 36 and over (53%). When it comes to financial security, 21% of 16-35 year olds place it as their first choice, while this proportion rises to 38% among those aged 36 and over.

Source: RJCCQ

The number


This will be the average salary increase in 2024 for all jobs in Quebec, according to the Order of Chartered Human Resources Advisors (CRHA) – the same forecast as six months ago. Compared to historical normals, this forecast is very high, indicates the Order. The primary and resource sectors, as well as the professional, scientific and technical services sectors, lead the way with planned wage increases of 4.1%. The information and communications technologies sector, up 5.2% in 2023, will have increases below average this year, or 3.4%, like trade (wholesale and retail), transportation and storage. As for the public sector, in catch-up, the planned increases are 3.9%.

Source: Order of approved human resources advisors (CRHA)


It is thanks to its monitoring system as well as its network of university experts and employers that Global-Watch was able to identify the eight trends for 2024 observed here and on the international scene.

The trend

The eight trends in mental health and well-being at work for 2024

In a turbulent geopolitical context, energy crisis, inflationary pressures with post-pandemic overtones, organizations are striving to achieve their objectives with a qualified, present, healthy and committed workforce, recalls Global‐Watch, whose mission is to improve mental health and well-being at work around the world in a sustainable way. It is thanks to its monitoring system as well as its network of university experts and employers that Global-Watch was able to identify the eight trends for 2024 observed here and on the international scene. First, with the modernization of the Act modernizing the occupational health and safety system (law 27), Quebec employers must measure the psychosocial risks linked to work and include them in their prevention approach by October 2025. Secondly comes the quest for meaning and commitment. Thirdly flexibility and adaptation, then diversity and inclusion, climate change and its impact on the world of work, global health and, finally, violence, harassment and incivility.

Source: Global Watch

The phrase

Our world of work in 2035

Futurist Bernard Marr imagined the world of work in 2035 for the magazine Forbes. According to him, artificial intelligence will be deeply rooted and integrated into our working lives and autonomous robots will help us in industries such as construction (laying bricks, pouring concrete, wiring), agriculture (seeding and harvesting crops , health monitoring), logistics (warehouse work, inventory management), distribution (delivery), environmental cleaning and emergency response. Next, virtual reality environments will be so immersive that barriers to remote teamwork will be virtually non-existent. Environmentally friendly initiatives will cease to be “desirable” and become essential to business survival, he predicts. Finally, in a world where intelligent, autonomous machines are the norm, there will be a growing appreciation for inherently human skills, such as emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and the ability to communicate human-to-human.

Source : Forbes

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