From the stage to the world. These are not times of watertight borders. Genres and languages ​​bend, intermingle and dialogue with each other to feed our gaze. Last Thursday, a fascinating mirror game took place at the Romea theater in Barcelona. A dialogue between the actor Josep Maria Pou and the political consultant and former director of the cabinet of President Pedro Sánchez, Ivan Redondo. The first was reflected in his character as ‘Old friend Cicero’, on a poster at the same theater. The second & mldr; in itself.

The alliance of Pou and Cicero proved irresistible. Intelligence, humor and irony were gifted in abundance. The thought of the Roman orator, politician and philosopher reminded us that, in essence, the same springs continue to move us. On your side, the political advisor insisted on the effervescent judgments and veiled innuendo. Located on stage, he played artifice and tried to suggest rather than sentence. Redondo is one of those who speaks half. There is always the question of whether he has a lot to keep quiet or, simply, little to say. In any case, beyond its aspirations or its revenge, its triumphs or its lanterns, the spectacle remains. An excellent show.

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