It has been a bumpy spring for Winnipeg drivers as potholes pop up across the city.

West End Tire’s Service Manager Yan Audergon says it gets roughly a dozen visits a week because of potholes.

“Well, honestly we see that every day,” Audergon said in an interview with CTV News. “It seems like this year is worse than the other year.”

When vehicles come to Audergon, he says the tires are always a loss. He says potholes can cause suspension damage and wheel issues too.

Manitoba Public Insurance says there has been a notable increase in pothole claims this spring. The average number of pothole claims in March is 62. This March, the crown corporation had 324.

That is more than half of the average number of pothole claims per year.

Temporary patches have been popping up on potholes this month, as the City of Winnipeg works to keep up with the craters.

The city says so far there have been 2,751 calls for service for potholes. Close to half of those calls were submitted online in a new online form.

“Due to unfavorable wet weather and wet road conditions at this time of year, crews may have to return several times to repair the same pothole in the coming days to improve the condition of the roadway,” an emailed statement from the public works department said .

Once the weather warms in mid-May, permanent repairs will be made.

The city says it is expecting the number of potholes to increase in the days ahead as Winnipeg experiences freeze/thaw cycles.

Those who spot a pothole are encouraged to call 311 or fill out a form on the City of Winnipeg’s website.

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