Muñoz Ledo always stood out for his intelligence. I met him many years ago and had the opportunity to share with him a space on the radio where I could enjoy his enormous culture, worldliness and, of course, his dazzling political talent. Controversial, bold, persevering and quick and sharp in responses, during those interesting conversations he never ceased to amaze me and I never stopped learning from him, whether or not I agreed with his views.

For all this and especially for living these difficult times, where concern for democracy in Mexico increases, I deeply appreciated reading your most recent book: El Poder y la República by Editorial Debate.

It is not a memoir, it is not one where a serene account is made of everything that has been fought for at the end of the road, no. It is a text that is alive, in the fight, where we are finding proposals, reasons and arguments about what the author (and many of us) wants for our country in the midst of a storm that seems more and more perfect.

If something vigorously defends Porfirio, it is the necessary plurality of the country, freedom of expression, respect for others and those who do not think as the ruler. His commitment to the division of powers and to autonomous bodies to limit absolute power appears over and over again throughout these pages.

Refreshing and hopeful for me was also Porfirio’s emphasis on the existence of social organizations, the support for the much missed (in the last three years, especially) universal access to science and culture.

His respect, as a lawyer and politician for the Judiciary is one of his flags and the importance he attaches (as a former ambassador that he is) to the foreign policy and international commitments of our country, in this globalized world from which he does not hide or deny I found them exhilarating.

He also dedicates part of his reflections to the rights of us women, without masked misogyny in between, and how to combat violence against us. What can I say? His proposals and considerations on these issues gave me a break in these moments where we have so much helplessness and despair.

Porfirio speaks in this, his most recent book, out of respect for sexual diversity, opting for the protection of the environment and the use of clean energy. In short, he is a politician, as he has always been on the left, updated and attentive to the new paradigms of the 21st century. Porfirio did not bend or grow old.

Let’s say that beyond everything he thinks and says and much beyond the enormous discrepancies with his party (to which he still belongs) Morena, Porfirio remains the same and that excites me and causes my admiration. Neither time nor the 4T have managed to make him sign his surrender.

This Saturday, November 27 at FIL in Guadalajara, the most important Book Fair in Latin America and one of the most important Fairs in the world, I will have the privilege of moderating the table at the presentation of your book: El Poder y La República, there I will be able to listen and greet with emotion the author, a politician just as reckless as ever, just as stubborn as years ago, a Porfirio that time has not touched. Bravo.

Tere Vale


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Psychologist, host, writer, commentator for Grupo Fórmula.


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