Popular neighborhoods will now have priority: Rocha

  • More than 162 million pesos will be invested in the construction of the Santa Rosa and the rehabilitation of the Emilio Barragán

Mazatlán, Sinaloa, June 18, 2022.- When the paving works of Santa Rosa Avenue began, which is the first major road work of his administration in Mazatlán, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya sent a clear message that they will attend popular neighborhoods, since this new boulevard will benefit 25 neighborhoods in the northern sector of the city.

Accompanied by the municipal president of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, the governor launched the paving work on this avenue, in the section between Libramiento III and Luis Donaldo Colosio avenue, where 74 million pesos will be invested, and immediately signaled the start of the rehabilitation of another important road, such as Emilio Barragán avenue, in the dock sector in the Gabriel Leyva neighborhood, which also represents a significant investment of 88 million 193 thousand pesos, so that in both works will apply more than 162 million pesos in total.

In his message, Governor Rocha stressed that now public investment will also go to the popular neighborhoods of Mazatlán, not only to the coastal and tourist area, to balance urban development.

“I want to tell you one thing, it is the first important work in terms of urbanization that we do in Mazatlan, and we do not do it on the coast, we do it here where there are 25 popular neighborhoods. This is a message and a commitment to these neighborhoods that have problems with water, electricity, land legalization”, he specified.

In this regard, he announced that the Urban Improvement Program (PMU) authorized by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for Mazatlán, will also be applied exclusively in popular neighborhoods, for which, in coordination with the City Council, work is already being done on the choice of polygons. where various urbanization works will be carried out.

The Secretary of Public Works, José Luis Zavala Cabanillas, announced that 1,350 meters of Santa Rosa Avenue will be paved, and it will be a modern hydraulic concrete boulevard with carriageways 10 meters wide each, a central median of 5 meters and sidewalks 2 meters wide on each side, LED-type public lighting and also the networks of drinking water and sanitary drainage will be introduced.

Governor Rocha stressed that the Federal Government has earmarked 300 million pesos for the PMU in Mazatlán, but both the State Government and the City Council will also provide local resources to increase said budget up to 500 million pesos, in order to specify the largest possible number of works, starting in January 2023, which is when the program will begin to be applied.

“We are going to be attentive to you, in this government of the Fourth Transformation we are going to be very attentive to the people who have the least, the people who live in vulnerability, what does that mean?, because they have precarious conditions, conditions of poverty,” he said.

After starting the paving of Santa Rosa Avenue, the governor and the mayor moved to the Gabriel Leyva neighborhood, to also start the rehabilitation works of Emilio Barragán Avenue, which is the access to the API and the docks. of tourist cruises, where another large amount of 88 million pesos will be invested, to replace the pavement of the section between Gutiérrez Nájera and Francisco Villa avenues, which represents access to the docks, through which container loading trucks pass, in addition to the local traffic, which in peak hours reaches the influx of 4 thousand vehicles per hour.

Also addressing the residents of the Gabriel Leyva neighborhood, Governor Rocha stressed that this work is also a symbol that his government will support the popular neighborhoods, and in this particular case of the Emilio Barragán avenue, he said that two problems at the same time, such as streamlining vehicular traffic with better roads, as well as renewing the sanitary drainage network that was already collapsed.

For his part, President Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres said that Mazatlán is partying with this new work tour by Governor Rocha, and acknowledged that the paving of Santa Rosa Avenue would not have been possible without his support, since the resources apply are entirely provided by the State Government.

“Without his support, this would not be possible, this avenue will totally compete with the State Government, and we are going to go with Emilio Barragán, that means that we are working along the same lines, together, to ensure that the transformation that is already taking place in Mazatlan is a fact”, he specified.

He added that this Santa Rosa avenue will be of great benefit for urban mobility, as it will connect with Libramiento III, and will pass by one side of the Kraken soccer stadium, facilitating vehicular venting when the Mazatlán FC games are held.

“I have talked with our governor and I am very happy that he shows us his support with facts, with this avenue, and we thank you very much Rubén for giving us this support to all Mazatlecos, they will thank you very much, just like a server” , he concluded.

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