Pop Supermarket, Toulouse musical delicatessen

Of all the businesses in France, Pop Supérette is not the least essential. Whether it rains or confines, this Toulouse label full tubes turbine. Since its creation in 2019, we owe it half a dozen publications as amazing as they are exotic. To wholesale, he prefers retail: care of the covers, sense of proportion (a few hundred copies printed each time, on CD, 45 or 33-rpm), science of surprise … You will hardly find, ladies and gentlemen, the finest musical grocery store around.

The stall specializes in sweets – tangy melodies, crisp choirs, delicately topped orchestrations. Take the latest in-house production, What an album, from the young Occitan quintet Boost 3000. Available in stores and on platforms on September 17, the record bears its title well, to which we would have allowed ourselves to add an exclamation point, as it contrasts with the ordinary of the French variety. Assumed references of the collective, Philippe Katerine and Etienne Daho are not mistaken, who extol here and there the singularity of these pieces as candid as they are complex, escaping the usual categories – song, musical, avant-garde, psychedelic rock, and I pass.

This is one of the peculiarities of Pop Supérette: we are wary of ready-made labels, too wise traffic. The mysterious boss, who hides behind the pseudonym of Pierre Sojdrug because of his double life, compares his company to a “Bric-a-brac”. Euphemism! In its shelves, you will find old things that will make even the most reckless antique dealers pale: reissues of obscure American power pop groups; the troublemaker yé-yé Jean-Pierre Kalfon; or The Scruffs, a formidable formation from the stage seventies from Memphis, close to the black rock star, Big Star.

Brazilian pop

The brand owes its birth to an even more exotic product. “I love Brazilian pop from the 1960s and 1970s, says Pierre Sojdrug. While browsing the Internet, I came across Irmão Victor, the pseudonym of a certain Marco Benvegnù. Listening to the arrangements, I thought he was from the same generation as the tropicalists – Os Mutantes, Caetano Veloso… Before realizing, while talking with Marco, that he was very young. This crush decided me to found a label. “

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In fact, it is a compilation of the first three albums of Irmão Victor which inaugurated the catalog of Pop Supérette, almost three years ago. On both sides of the Atlantic, the excitement is mutual. So much so that Marco crosses the ocean to drag his gaiters, from May to December 2019, in Occitania, at the invitation of Pierre. Objective: to refine his fourth album, two-thirds of which will be produced on French soil, and which will finally be released in November 2020, under the title Mariposario.

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