Pompeo denounces that the Biden administration gave immigrants a “green light” to cross into the US

POLITICS. The Trump administration official criticized the Democrat / EFE

Former Secretary of State during the Donald Trump government, Mike Pompeo, opinion on the migratory crisis that the country is currently going through, an issue that has brought to the fore the challenges of the Biden administration, especially after the episode that showed border agents preventing the entry of Haitian immigrants.

The context: Immigration policy has been one of the main issues facing Biden and Trump during the 2020 presidential campaign; However, the Democrat found one of his main political challenges on the southern border once he reached the White House.

  • Pompeo reacted to the issue, especially from the perspective of an article published in the Wall Street Journal, in which the concentration of immigrants at the border developed.
  • He also mentioned the policy “Remain in Mexico”, applied by the Republican and that has not been completely eliminated by the current president.

What do they say?: “We left them a perfectly good plan in Afghanistan, they turned it into chaos. We left you with a perfectly good plan regarding how we manage our southern border, how we maintain our sovereignty. We avoided a humanitarian crisis at the border and they also broke that plan, ”Pompeo said.

  • According to the former secretary of state, Biden will try to blame Trump “for what is happening” on the southern border.
  • In the Republican’s opinion, “the American people can see” that “the humanitarian crisis is very significant.”

Main source of the news: Fox News


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