Poll: Charest far behind Poilievre for CCP leadership

OTTAWA | Comfortably ahead in the race for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), Pierre Poilievre will nevertheless have to take seriously the threat posed by Jean Charest, since the former prime minister corresponds more to the center-right profile that supporters want. for their party.

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Figures from a new Léger survey/The Journal/National Post conducted last weekend are clear: 41% of Conservative voters already line up behind MP Pierre Poilievre, compared to 10% for the former Liberal premier of Quebec.

“The fact that Poilievre announced his candidacy quickly was in my opinion an excellent decision,” said pollster Jean-Marc Léger.

In the case of Mr. Charest, the jump will be confirmed this evening in Calgary after several weeks of political striptease.

If there is no noticeable “Charest effect” on the starting line, this announcement should invariably give it a “boom”, which candidates normally enjoy when they jump into the fray, explains the pollster.

A regional fight

The Conservatives will choose Erin O’Toole’s successor on September 10, and Jean Charest will focus on the next six months to try to catch up with his competitor, slowly but surely.

Having already rallied about a quarter of the Conservative caucus, Pierre Poilievre is particularly popular in the Prairie provinces, especially in Alberta, where he leads the way with voters, 26% of whom see him as the best leader.

Mr. Poilievre is ahead of Mr. Charest also in Ontario, with 17% among voters against 10% for Mr. Charest. In Quebec and the Atlantic provinces, it is Jean Charest who garners the most support.

These regions are not conservative strongholds. To win, Mr. Charest will have to convince more than one to get a PCC membership card. The poll indicates that the mission is not impossible.

A centrist leader

What do conservative voters want?

Three-quarters (76%) of them want a leader who will focus on fiscal responsibility, such as reducing deficits, balanced budgets and reducing taxes.

Positions on social issues such as abortion or immigration play a secondary role.

Good news for the former Premier of Quebec, only 13% of Conservative supporters want their leader to line up on the right.

“It starts from afar, but the program that people want resembles more the image of Jean Charest than that of Pierre Poilievre”, says Mr. Léger.

No matter which political beast wins, for the moment it does not arouse enough enthusiasm to think of overthrowing the Liberals of Justin Trudeau.

Voting intentions show that the PCC led by Pierre Poilievre would collect 30% of support against 34% for the PLC. The Jean Charest scenario is broadly similar: the PCC would reap 28% against 33% for the PLC.

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