One of President Lopez’s favorite words is “politics.” It’s a mouthpiece that applies in a variety of situations. This week it is used for less than three weeks to refer to various topics. With regard to the assignment of the periodical Lourdes Maldonado and the criticisms he received for not submitting his petition for protection, in March 2019 in the spring, the mandate will be defended in the country as a policy of women using the theme to denounce.

He also used to attack women who demanded that he lash out at Hugo López Gatell for the lies and negligence with which he led the fight to the Covid-19 pandemic and which caused miles of deaths. It is known that the FGR proceeds with this accusation to family members of persons who fail to do so. “Politiquería” called the president accusations against his protégé, adding that there was a “dicha” against López Gatell.

In order to lie, he refuses to receive the receipts he received from the middlemen who took over the cremation of the contagios produced by the omicron variant and the deaths and hospitalizations that van ascended. It also objected to the federal government’s resistance to evacuating minor editions without compromise, as well as signaling the World Health Organization (WHO). “Politiquería” is called the key words.

But what do you want to do with politics? The dictionary of the Real Academia defines politics as the action of politicizing and this, in turn, means: Intervening or harassing (¿?) In politics / Treating politics with superficiality or ligation / Making politics of intrigue and gossip.

López Obrador’s followers ensure that the president’s opponents and critics “approve” of the successes filed for attack. That reason. Part of the policy is to use the mistakes, omissions, lies, exaggerations, opacities and incapacities of the opposites. AMLO hizo lo mismo cuando staba in the opposition and now as president lo sigue haciendo. In fact, the political lucha lives up to the “blacks” “negroes” or “sucias”, it is said, attributes to a counter-algo that he has not heard of. In general, the criterion used in democracy is that if voters vote they will create this class of campaigns. It is better that the prohibition when there are no clear parameters to classify what should be allowed. These great warriors live in the midst of what could be done as a politician and, in this sense, most champions are not currently running for president of Lopez. I do not maintain the statement in what I do not believe, exaggerate, omit or accuse in the image of media, politicians, intellectuals or periodists.

To justify its excesses, the President assures that the mandate is more aggressive from Madero. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. In recent history, only Geverari’s Salvation and Salinas have held an important media exhibition, but none like the actual mandate. López Obrador has much to say and little to inform. Secondly, the phrase of its administration in economy, security, health, social policy, etc., is indebted to solid arguments. The real thing is that the actual executive is being criticized, but he should not be the herald of a change, because in his presidential presidency he guards all the characteristics that he blamed on the Mexican public life: opacity, hypocrisy, corruption and inefficiency.

It is not surprising that there are so many objections and criticisms to his words and decisions, that only a graceful concession can be called political. In this sense, calling is the meaning of the lies and the inefficiency.

The death of periodists is not in the vacancy, has a context. We have a president who prefers to denounce the media and the journalists who are the criminals. What created the interest in the welfare and the security of the communicators? The first statements made by Lourdes Maldonado’s executor exemplify this. The Baja California tax authorities said the driver had been suspended for his protection. The president, for his part, declared that the communicator was not protected by the federal governor. The very Mexican: “yo no fui”. In both cases, there is a need to rejuvenate as long as there is an interest in resolving the issue of insurgency in the life of many communicators and periodicals.

If so, in effect, President Lopez has a reason to say: he has a lot of politics to say about what happens in our country, but he is the mayor and the better he has been in politics.

For the time being, given the state of Mexico and the world, some say well and good devils is the frontier between politics and politics?


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