Politicians grandstand in Ottawa as hostages and hungry kids in Gaza

Many MPs showed their true colours

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Meanwhile in Gaza, there are 134 Israeli hostages and thousands of innocent Palestinian children still suffering with nothing to eat.

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No parliamentary motion has changed any of that ugly reality.

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Hamas, who have caused all of this carnage and misery, are still in control there and here. Even with their mass murder on record for all to see, Hamas learned late Monday they still have friends in the Canadian Parliament.

And also support at the street level, where their intimidating antics, assaults and disruptions are ignored and even tolerated.

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“Hamas still holds more than 100 hostages,” said Richard Robertson, B’nai Brith Canada’s director of research and advocacy. “Our government should be focusing on securing their release and helping Israel eliminate Hamas, which is a listed terrorist organization in this country.”

Instead, parliamentarians from the NDP, Liberals and Bloc Quebecois passed a watered-down motion calling for a ceasefire that effectively helps Hamas cling to power. They should have passed a motion calling for the terror group’s unconditional surrender.

“This motion is not about a ceasefire,” Conservative Deputy Leader Melissa Lantsman, herself a victim of Hamas vandalism, said in a powerful, historic speech. “This motion is about rewarding Hamas for their massacre. This motion is a vote to reward the murder, the rape, the kidnapping of Israelis, and this motion is deeply irresponsible for this Parliament.”

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As long as Hamas is in control of Gaza, there is no proper humanitarian effort possible to feed the innocent children who are used as shields by the terror group, who are the bad guys in this war they started with their savage slaughter Oct. 7, 2023 of 1,200 innocent Israelis.

Every death that day and in the days, weeks and months that have followed is a result of the bloody hands of Hamas. There is not two sides to it. Hamas went on an anti-Semitic barbaric mission of murder, rape, torture and kidnapping that there is no defending, despite some trying to justify it.

It’s not justifiable. In fact, it’s historically impermissible.

Somebody should tell Jagmeet Singh, his MPs and those Liberal and Bloc Quebecois MPs who voted for this pathetic lifeline for the slayers.

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“We are deeply disappointed that the Liberal government has chosen to effectively sub-contract Canadian foreign policy to anti-Israel radicals within the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois,” said the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs. “This will result in Canada being perceived as an unreliable partner on the world stage – one that bends to the whims of political fringes.

“We commend the principled stance shown by the entire Conservative Party of Canada and caucus that voted against the motion, along with Liberal MPs Ben Carr, Anthony Housefather, Marco Mendicino and independent MP Kevin Vuong.”

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In giving orations as strong as Lantsman’s, Mendicino and Housefather showed they are more than just Liberal MPs. Jewish MP Ya’ara Saks, who was recently photographed with Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas, showed who she stands for by supporting the amended motion. Vuong has always had Israel’s back on this and has vigorously defended the Toronto Jewish businesses that have been victimized.

Many other MPs showed their true colours. There is a lot of politics here, mining for voter block support and showmanship. But they seemed to omit the hostages and the starving kids.

Retired chief of defence Gen. Rick Hillier reminded Canadians, like with what happened in the 1930s with Adolf Hitler’s Nazis, you can’t make a peace deal with with evil.

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“For political expediency, we’ve sold our nation’s soul to terrorists,” he commented on X. “A potential ‘two-state’ solution is history because of those terrorists and their barbarism. This ranks up there with Chamberlain’s ‘Peace in Our Time’ betrayal of Czechoslovakia in 1938.”

A lot of death came after that deal and more will come as a result of this motion.

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Winnipeg Conservative MP Marty Morantz, who spearheaded Operation Bring them Home, made a profound statement soon after the Oct. 7 horrors that was true then and is true now: “It’s time for Hamas to release all of the hostages without delay and without conditions.”

That’s the motion that should be voted on in the House of Commons and passed unanimously.

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