Political opponents team up to create university program

PQ Guillaume Rousseau and Liberal Luc Fortin will not face each other again in the next provincial election, but will team up outside the political arena to create a new law and politics program at the University of Sherbrooke, in Estrie.

They were opponents in the last provincial elections in the riding of Sherbrooke. Four years later, the two men walk side by side towards the creation of a new university program.

“Even if we come from different parties, we share the same passion for public service and politics,” smiled ex-minister Luc Fortin.

“Luc and I have the development of Sherbrooke and the university at heart, so it makes us happy to work together,” said law professor Guillaume Rousseau.

The State’s applied law and policy program aims to train and specialize civil servants, political advisers and lawyers to work in the various ministries and political cabinets.

“We have very good political science graduates and very good law graduates, but there is no program that links the two together and that is why we created it. When the time comes to draft a bill, defend a challenge or plead for the state, it will be very useful. I am convinced that there is a need because I constantly receive calls from people in Ottawa and Quebec looking for this type of profile,” said Mr. Rousseau.

“I would have liked to have had training like that before becoming a political adviser in 2006,” said lecturer Luc Fortin.

The first cohort is expected in the classroom next fall. Registration closes April 1.


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