Police macro-deployment for the NATO summit

When, sometime on June 28, Air Force One and two other planes that accompany him land at the base of Torrejón, the arrival of Joe Biden and his delegation will have cranked the NATO summit in Madrid to the maximum, and by then he will have been in “critical phase” a machinery of 10,000 agents security, including 6,550 national police and 2,400 civil guards, as well as members of the Royal House and Moncloa escorts.

It will be, they say in the Interior, “the largest police deployment in recent history & rdquor ;. In the Catalonia of the outbreak of process, on September 29 and 30 and October 1, 2017, Interior deployed 6,000 police and guards. It far exceeds the current Operation Eirene to secure the NATO summit. Its design was activated in October 2021, with its “previous phase & rdquor ;. Since May 12, it has been in the “preventive phase”, in which, among others, the security perimeters of the Madrid Fair (Ifema) are designed. On the 24th, it will enter the “alert phase”, and no unauthorized person will be able to reach pavilions 12 and 14, which will host the summit.

The US delegation, the largest in the event, will occupy three hotels that are kept secret. The lodgings of the heads of government will be surrounded in security bubbles, such as the Torrejón and Barajas airports, Ifema, the Royal Palace -where the kings offer a dinner on the 28th to the invited leaders-, the Prado Museum -where Pedro Sánchez calls an “Atlantic dinner & rdquor; the next day and with a Spanish chef-, the palace of Santa Cruz –where the ministers will dine of Foreign Affairs and Defense -, the embassies of the participating countries -and also those of Ukraine and Russiadue to the situation that has triggered the aggression of this one on that one-, the Reina Sofía museum, the access routes and some evacuation areas whose location is as secret as Biden’s bedroom.

twin knobs

The NATO summit will involve practically all of the state security agencies. The National Center for Critical Infrastructure Protection, for example. And also the Air Force, well of the air space will be in charge of Defense, with a low-level participation of the SIGLO anti-drone police system. The Madrid Municipal Police and Civil Protection will complete the deployment at street level. But Eirene also foresees a reinforcement for one of the most delicate flanks of the appointment, that of cybersecurity, with the participation of the CNI (through the National Cryptologic Center), the Interior Cybernetic Coordination Office and Ifema computer scientists.

Organize the summit a task force of 20 people in Moncloa, in turn in contact with teams from various ministries and with another NATO task force in Brussels. There have been bilateral meetings of the Interior with Joe Biden’s security team, which, as in other summits, wants to direct his armoring.

But it will be a Coordination Center (CECOR) that commands from one of the Ifema pavilions, with members of the Police, Civil Guard, Royal Guard, Moncloa, CNI, Defense, Intelligence Center against Terrorism and Organized Crime (CITCO ), Municipal Police, Civil Protection, the NATO Security Office… In case something happens, there will be another twin CECOR –“backup”, calls it Interior- prepared in some other point of Madrid.

city ​​taken

So many security capsules and escorted convoys will hinder transit through Madrid, which will have the appearance of a captured city. It would not be otherwise in a city that receives the leaders and ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs of 30 NATO allied countries, plus two that enter –Sweden and Finland-, plus the partners from the other side of the planet – Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Australia, plus the leaders of the European Commission and Council, plus those of Cyprus, Ireland, Malta and Austria, plus the Secretary General of the Alliance himself, Jens Stoltenberg“which by itself brings another delegation & rdquor ;, explain sources close to the security operation.

There is also a whole parallel panorama of displacements, the so-called “companion program & rdquor ;, in which, with Queen Letizia at the head, the couples of NATO leaders will visit the Royal Site of the Farm of San Ildefonso (Segovia) and its glass factory on the 29th and the Reina Sofía museum on the 30th.

In Moncloa they foresee that they will be some 5,000 people from the delegations, plus 2,000 journalists, those who work in Madrid for 48 intense hours. The Interior is still studying how much spending on police per diems will rise – mostly riot police from the Police Intervention Units – who flow from their bases.

In other words, a good number of high-security convoys passing through Madrid. The Spanish part of the organization of the summit has requested companies located on the main routes that on the 29th and 30th they telework their templates, and will ask all Madrid residents minimize car use private.

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The Gay Pride parades are delayed until July 1, and the right to demonstrate on those days – including a protest by Jusapol police – will be at the discretion of the Police’s risk analysis. It is unlikely that a photo of concentrations will be seen near the 50,000 square meters that the summit will occupy in Ifema, indicate the Interior sources.

Every day, the CNI and CITCO analyze the level of threat. There is relative calm: in a meeting in the Interior it was determined this Tuesday do not raise the level 4 anti-terrorist alert; for now

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