Racist graffiti spray-painted on a residential building in northeast Calgary is being investigated by the Calgary Police Service.

On Tuesday morning, the words “kill all P — ies” and “f— the Indians” were found spray-painted on the side of an apartment building in the Bridgeland neighborhood.

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Sunny Kullar, strategy and business operations manager at Properly Homes, tweeted about the incident at approximately 6:50 am on Tuesday. His mom lives in the building, he said, and while they are not intimidated by the incident they are reminded that they will always be viewed as “outsiders” in the city.

The graffiti has since been covered up with paint.

“I’m so disappointed in this city,” Kullar tweeted. “It’s one thing to use racist language, but to openly state that people that look like me or my mom should be killed is disgusting

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A CPS spokesperson told Global News that police have reached out to building residents after seeing reports of the graffiti on social media. They are also looking for possible CCTV footage of the incident.

CPS has also confirmed that the hate crimes unit will be a part of the investigation.

Coun. Gian-Carlo Carra denounced the incident, calling the graffiti upsetting and pathetic.

“Society is ready for change,” he said.

“Society is pushing for change, and the people who are threatened by that change, who feel that their privilege is being eroded, are getting overt in their racism.”

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When asked how he is going to be an ally to people of color in his community, Carra said he is actively trying to tackle racism in Calgary.

He mentioned his seat on the Calgary Police Commission, which he said was given to him by Calgary city council because they wanted him to drive anti-racism work in the police force.

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“I fundamentally understand and believe that dismantling systems of oppression is not the job of the oppressed,” Carra said. “It’s the job of the oppressor, and I sit squarely in the oppressor demographic as a cisgender white male. I am committed to doing that work. ”

Kullar said that while he is glad that CPS is investigating the incident, he is still mad about the incident. He said he tweeted about the incident to raise awareness of racism in the city.

“We have a local business. We are contributing back to the community. We are a part of the community, but to be reminded that people will boil down who you are based on outward appearances is frustrating, ”he said.

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