Polar Destinations Every Travel Enthusiast Should Plan to Visit 

A group of penguins on a beach

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The most exciting places to travel can always be found in the most unconventional locations. Afterall, what makes a memorable trip is unforgettable experiences. Travel enthusiasts and lovers of adventure look no further, a cruise to the polar regions has the type of destinations that will make your next trip an epic one to remember. Without further ado, let’s get into the coolest spots in the world’s coldest places! 

The North Pole

We’re not trying to track down Santa Claus and his workshop, we’re talking about a real North Pole experience like you never imagined before. When you plan a cruise to the North Pole making once in a lifetime memory’s is a guarantee. Located on constantly shifting ice in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, cruising to the North Pole is the chance for phenomenal experiences, such as:

  • Make a champagne toast standing at the very top of the world (90 degrees North)
  • Where every direction you look is South 
  • Experience 24-hours of sunshine during the months of June and July 

This stunning ice-covered region, known as “terra incognita” to many, is the place that will visually captivate visitors with views of snow-capped ice ridges, turquoise melt pools, massive crevices and astonishing ice-covered terrain. Make sure to dress warm because this frozen landscape is worth braving the cold to see! 


From Norse ruins to a sweeping 972,000 square kilometer national park, Greenland is the dream destination for any travel enthusiast. A place where a natural phenomenon can be experienced with a simple tilt of your chin towards the night sky. Through the months of late September to April, travelers to Greenland have the best chance to witness an explosion of green, purple and red lights dancing across the night sky, known as the Aurora Borealis. Immerse yourself in the wonders that await, such as: 

  • Hvalsey Ruins which houses the last written record of Greenlandic Norse culture 
  • Tasermiut Fjord, known as the “Arctic Patagonia”, eager climbers can ascend the “big walls”
  • Uummannaq, one of the worlds few locations where local Inuit still follow a traditional lifestyle 
  • Scoresby Sund, the location of the largest fjord in the world 

A camera with plenty of film is a must when adventuring through the deep fjords, mountains and remarkable stretches of wilderness in Greenland.

South Georgia Island

Lovers of wildlife won’t want to miss out on taking a once in a lifetime trip to the “Galapagos of the Poles”. The mountainous island of South Georgia is known for its glaciers, fjords, and abundantly diverse wildlife. Inhabitants of this scarcely populated island destination include Antarctic Fur seals and Elephant seals, as well as being a true penguin paradise. 

Get ready to see waddles of penguins and so much more at these amazing locations: 

  • Fortuna Bay, observe icebergs along this 3-mile stretch and thousands of King penguins
  • Gold Harbour is the place to find 25,000 pairs of King penguins, about 500 Gentoo penguins, and hundreds of Elephant seals on the coastline beaches 

One thing is certain, any of these polar destinations will guarantee you have the trip of a lifetime. 

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