Poland will give up its disciplinary chamber for magistrates. It has been a requirement of Brussels for several months.

This mechanism had been put in place as part of the reform of the Polish justice system and made it possible to take sanctions against judges. a flagrant violation of the independence of the judiciary according to Brussels. The Polish executive could, thanks to this system, place magistrates under its control.

On July 15, the Court of Justice of the European Union condemned this mechanism, demanding that Poland suspend this chamber.

This is now done, but Poland does not intend to abandon the idea of ​​a supervisory body for judges.

This decision comes after several arms passes between Poland and the European Union. Financial sanctions could have been taken against Poland in the event of a violation of European law. Another lever for Brussels, the recovery plan aimed at supporting countries affected by Covid-19.

The issue of the retirement of judges, and that of the rights of LGBT people also regularly stirs up tensions between Brussels and Warsaw.


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