Despite the national and international outrage over the murder of the two Jesuit priests, many are convinced that their popularity is such that politically it will not affect the figure of President López Obrador.

As the lawyers say, accepting without conceding that the presidential figure emerges politically unscathed from this serious crisis in his security policy and that nothing changes, the cost will be paid by whoever wins the June 2024 election.

And, paradoxically, the great political effort to preserve the leadership and the momentum of the “revolution of consciences” would be frustrated if whoever wins the election, when they want to charge him for the cost of López Obrador’s failure in security, begins to ask himself: what about me? what?

Dos Bocas Refinery: great six-year success?

In eight days, four years after the great electoral triumph of President López Obrador, the Dos Bocas Refinery will be inaugurated, a project that many of us saw as a mistake.

Although it will be tested in the coming months, as explained by the head of Energy Rocío Nahle, the fact is that the international reality for hydrocarbons seems to agree with the hydrocarbons option of the López Obrador government.

Let’s look at President Biden’s dilemma. In the short term he urges more gasoline, to reduce the price, but his medium-term plans for “clean energy” prevent oil companies from having guarantees to invest in producing more fuel.

Inflation, the coming deluge

By announcing an unusual increase of 76 basis points in interest rates, the Bank of Mexico confirmed the realistic vision that so many specialists have offered in the pages of El Economista.

As a global economic phenomenon, the levels of inflation that Mexico has today have not been faced by the population for a little over a quarter of a century, circumstances that will make it impervious to official narratives.

Banxico affirms that inflation levels of 3 or 4 percent per year could recover in the first quarter of 2024, the electoral year, which reminds even technicians that the famine is politically like a kick in the groin.


With all the honors corresponding to his rank and history, tribute was paid at the Military College to the late General Clemente Vega García, who was head of Sedena during the Fox administration and strengthened the image of the institutions of the Mexican soldiers… been hearing the talks between the commanders at the funeral at the Military College about “opening wounds from the past is reconciliation”… One hopes that the advisers of the Head of Government of CDMX Claudia Sheinbaum are correct in advising her that It is not time to think about a fourth dose of the vaccine against Covid… If Xóchitl Gálvez were a candidate for the CDMX head of government in 2024, she would already be that new PAN member who sought the governorship of Hidalgo. She has matured, but she also retains her welcoming honesty… How many barracks have been built for the National Guard? How many are missing?… It is difficult to discern whether this phrase by the French writer Louis Dumur is realistic or cynical: “Men do not want the truth; they just want the lie to be disguised”…

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