Poilievre’s party raised $35 million in 2023, Trudeau’s Liberals raised $15 million


Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives are touting a record year of fundraising — their first full calendar year leading the party — while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals raised less than half that amount in donations from Canadians.

In 2023, the Conservative Party of Canada raised $35.2 million in donations from its supporters, breaking “all fundraising records of any political party in Canadian history,” according to the party.

“The Conservative leader’s unprecedented drive and common sense message broke another record, raising $11.9 million in the fourth quarter. In December alone, the party raised $7.08 million,” the party spokeswoman said. , Sarah Fischer. “It couldn’t be clearer that Canadians want change.”

By raising more than 200,000 donations last year, the party surpassed its previous record from 2018 – the most any party has received in a non-election year.

These fundraising numbers come after Poilievre and his inner circle spent much of last summer and fall implementing efforts to broaden his appeal, from a mini makeover (swapping out his glasses and suit jackets for T-shirts and aviator glasses) to a series of national ads aimed at softening and reintroducing the career politician to Canadians.

Promising more to come, Conservative Fund leader Robert Staley told delegates during the party’s September convention in Quebec City that with the party flush with fundraising dollars, the party will continue to spend on advertising to “influence on voters” in key constituencies.

Poilievre, quoted in the statement, said: “these results support my common sense plan.”

But one Liberal minister is not convinced.

“It’s a good time to sow fear and division, and there’s a lot of profit in that,” Health Minister Mark Holland told reporters in Parliament on Wednesday. “The Conservatives have had enormous success in exploiting this, but what solutions do they offer? Nothing.”

In 2023, the Liberals raised a total of $15.6 million, according to Elections Canada financial results.

Holland said he is not concerned about the considerable gap between the two parties’ fundraising coffers, suggesting that when Canadians sit at their kitchen tables contemplating how they will vote in the next federal election, they will see through the ” collection of conversations” by Poilievre. points”, and we see that the liberals tried to “make things better.

Trudeau’s party saw a surge in donations in the fourth quarter, a period during which Conservative polls put them in potential majority government territory.

“It’s easy to be a fun dad. It’s easy to tell your kids what they want to hear. It’s easy to take them to do fun things and tell them that all their problems aren’t their fault… It’s very hard to be the fun dad. One who says ‘This is a difficult time,'” Holland said.

About 93 per cent of Liberal donations were for amounts under $200, which the party presents as a “true testament to the party’s strong grassroots support.”

Defending its fundraising efforts and the “tens of thousands of Canadians” the party engaged last year, Liberal Party of Canada spokesperson Parker Lund said Elections Canada filings “continue to highlight that Liberal supporters are getting much more value for their donations than conservatives.”

“The annual results show the Conservatives spent $53.7 million on fundraising costs from 2016 to 2022, while the Liberal Party’s figure was just $21.8 million,” Lund said.

As for the other parties, the federal New Democrats raised less all year than the Conservatives did in any quarter of 2023, completing the year with $6.8 million in donations.

On Wednesday, the NDP launched an attack ad online against the leader of the Official Opposition, accusing him of being a conservative who “cuts and guts.”

The Green Party raised $1.9 million and the Bloc Quebecois raised $1.7 million.

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