Poilievre wants to impose his pace on his opponents

Although we do not yet know the details of the leadership race of the Conservative Party of Canada, MP Pierre Poilievre has already announced that he will be in the running to succeed Erin O’Toole.

In 2020. Mr. Poilievre had thought long and hard about getting into the race, but for family reasons he had decided to pass.

But, this time, the MP for Carleton chose to step up and be the first to announce himself via a video posted to social media on Saturday night. He said: “I will be the candidate to become prime minister in order to give you back control of your life. »


Mr. Poilievre is one of the favorites to become the new leader of the country’s Conservatives.

We suspected that he had several supporters within the caucus and we had proof of this as soon as his video was published. Several elected officials quickly announced that they supported the candidacy of their colleague.

These include MPs John Barlow, Michael Barrett, Melissa Lantsman, Jake Stewart, Tood Doherty, Michael Kram, Dan Albas, Michael Cooper, Brad Vis, Ryan Williams, Marilyn Gladu and Bob Zimmer.

With nearly 40,000 comments under his video, we know that there is also enthusiasm among party members for the former Minister of Employment and Social Development.

Be the second choice

However, Mr. Poilievre is a character that leaves no one indifferent.

As it is a preferential vote, he will also have to be able to get number two.

In 2017 and 2020, Maxime Bernier and Peter MacKay both finished first on the first lap, but they failed to finish first on the last lap.

That will be the big challenge for the member for Carleton. He will have to be able to convince his opponents’ supporters to also vote for him.

Because in a leadership race, it’s good to jump into the pool first, but the goal is to come out last.


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