This Monday, Jose Luis Ábalos confirmed at a press conference that the Housing Law that his Ministry is preparing will not include the intervention of the rental market, as EL ESPAÑOL had reported on Sunday. It was hearing it from his mouth and provoking a rebellion in United We Can.

As this newspaper has learned, Pablo Iglesias has given the order to remain in what was signed, without moving a comma, and demand that the Minister of Transport comply with the agreement. Otherwise, the 35 deputies of Unidos Podemos will not support the law in Congress.

The truth is that there is still a lot left for this process. The law is not out of the draft phase yet, despite the fact that the commitment deadline has already been missed in almost a month. But the order of Iglesias is already on the table, in view of the events. Sources from the Ministry of Transport consulted by this newspaper have preferred not to comment on the matter.

In this case, the purples play with the marked cards, because the control of prices of flats is a measure accepted up to three times by the PSOE since he acceded to the Government, after the motion of no confidence in June 2018. The most recent, in the Budget agreement; the former, in the investiture pact; and the first, during the “social Fridays” of the first Executive of Pedro Sánchez in the minority.

Then, Ione Belarra, Churches Chief Negotiator, did not start a document with the stamps of both groups with which to publicly demonstrate the commitment of the Socialists. But already then, United We can put on record its anger at the “non-compliance” leaving only that PSOE, which precariously supported a government with only 85 deputies. Seeing that the decree approved by the Council of Ministers did not include what was agreed upon, Iglesias gave the order to vote against.

“Never more”

After that new, sources of the purple formation confirm to this newspaper that they no longer accepted any more agreement without it being made public.

And this effort in make papers with titles and stamps of political parties operates in this controversy as a growing threat to the PSOE.

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And it is that the second time that the Socialists promised to “establish containment mechanisms or eventually lower prices, both for new contracts and existing contracts” was on October 28, when Iglesias tightened the negotiation of the Budgets until dawn with this objective.

The coalition and the manifesto

This was achieved with pressure from the government’s pro-independence partners, ERC and Bildu, who had signed a manifesto together with the purple and four other parliamentary formations –More Country, Compromís, BNG and the CUP– proclaiming the “urgency to shield and extend the regulation of rents” [consúltelo aquí en PDF].

Pablo Echenique and the political leaders who signed the manifesto on rentals, together with the Tenant Union, in Congress.

Dani gago

The document was based on Catalan law – which also recognizes the agreement with the PSOE only six days later – and forced Sánchez to accept Iglesias’ order. The president forced Ábalos to accept this imposition by Churches, collect it in the new Housing Law, put a date on it –“before three months” … and it’s been four-, since the Council of Ministers will arrive with both ministries -Transport and Social Rights- as “co-proponents”.

And all this was achieved by the second vice president of the Government because, in fact, the commitment is included in the coalition pact PSOE and United Podemos arrived the day after the 10-N 2019 elections and publicly sealed on December 30 with their signature and a hug in Congress. The document details it on page 17 and following [consúltelo aquí en PDF].

Thus, the PSOE faces several papers in which its logo appears in which it undertakes to “enable the autonomous communities and / or municipalities to […] may set your price index“now” validate the progress of those Autonomous Communities that have defined a Rental Price Reference system, streamlining the mechanisms that make its implementation possible“.

That is, to “articulate basic mechanisms” so that “local administrations in coordination with regional administrations” can “declare a stressed market urban area when there has been an abusive and sustained increase in rental income “.

Or what is the same, to control the prices of the apartments for rent, and limit your uploads and even force your download by law. Despite the media noise, sources from United We Can in the Government still trusted last Wednesday that the PSOE would come to its senses and appealed not only to Ábalos’ commitment, but also to the confidence that the socialist minister “agrees with the measure. “.

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The ‘other coalition’

This same Monday, the another coalition of Iglesias -the Catalan and Basque leftist independentistas- presented a joint petition to force Ábalos to appear before the Congressional Commission to give explanations “On the government’s forecast to legislate to limit the rental price”. Neither on this point has EL ESPAÑOL got a response from the Ministry of Transport.

Esquerra and Bildu already acted as a buttress of the purple ones during the budget negotiation, presenting an amendment “treacherously” together with United We Can to include a ban on “all evictions” in the accompanying law to the PGE.

And this augurs a total loneliness for the PSOE in a Housing Law that Ábalos himself considered “essential” in the legislative plan, “to guarantee its social function” and because “in 40 years of democracy nobody has done it.”

Call the PP

But the truth is that exactly a week ago, last Tuesday, Belarra received a call from David Lucas, Secretary General of Housing of the Ministry of Ábalos. And in it the former mayor of Móstoles announced that the law it will not allow the rental market to intervene. Two days later, on Thursday 18, the purple secretary of state met with the socialist and conveyed her stupor for “the flagrant breach.”

This week, two more meetings are planned between the two parties. In them, Belarra will warn Lucas that the PSOE is going to be left alone. United We Can not support the law if it does not include what is agreed. In fact, from the purple side of the Executive it is suggested that the socialist minister and secretary of Organization of Sánchez’s party is swallowing with an imposition of the economic vice president, Nadia Calviño, “under pressure from employers, banks and vulture funds.”

Sources from the Ministry of Social Rights assure that, in the end, “the usual with the PSOE is happening, they say one thing in public and then, in private, nothing at all.” But now, as this newspaper has been able to confirm, Sánchez will find himself as when he had 85 deputies: alone, without the support of his partner in the Government nor those of the baptized like “block of legislature”.

In the corridors of the Podemos headquarters, it is even said that Sánchez and Calviño They will only have to knock on the door of the Popular Party, which would still open the cracks within the Government … but that is for another chronicle.

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