At United We Can, they admit that everything is being done wrong. And that only the greater good of entering the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) justifies so much resignation, which now even reaches its two star names. According to sources of the negotiation consulted by this newspaper, Pablo Iglesias He already assumes that he will have to put on the table two names other than those of Jose Ricardo de Prada Y Victoria Rosell.

But the whole process, they admit from the purple formation, is flawed. To get started, your electoral program abhors this election system of the governing body of the judges and proposes a direct election by the citizens. “But as long as these are the rules, we will play with them“, they allege.

The game, however, is still pending that the Government and PP reach a global agreement on the renewal of several institutions, an agreement that had not been reached on Wednesday night due, precisely, to the impossibility of closing the composition of the future CGPJ.

This Wednesday there was only consensus around RTVE. The election of the members of the board of directors of the public radio and television entity is scheduled, in principle, in the plenary session of Congress this Thursday.

In the formation of Churches they are well aware that they won the battle from the beginning when they tricked the intellectual framework. From Podemos they managed to impose that this would be a negotiation “between the government and the opposition,” that is, the PP, as the only party necessary for the necessary three-fifths majority. Because what the Organic Law of the Judiciary says is that the Chambers are -the Congress and the Senate- those that select the members of the CGPJ.

Victoria Rosell, in an act of Podemos.


The consulted Churches party sources allege in their favor that “that’s when bipartisanship, but now the majorities are not satisfied like that, and that is how it will be from now on. “Which fits with the reality that there would be no Executive without the coalition between PSOE and United We Can, but not with the law. “Yes, but the PP is going to have to put up with having us where they said we were not going to be and they didn’t want to see us”, ditch this spokesman.

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“Change stickers”

On the other hand, their weight within the Government is leading them to the trade that they always criticized, that of “change cards” in the negotiation, putting and removing judges from politics. Precisely from this they say their leaders want to flee. “But United We Can”, they justify, “does not want to place one or the other to control a room from behind, as Cosidó said in his wasap“.

According to the sources consulted, the purples seek “real” progressive jurists. Although they do not explain very well what that means.

And finally, that set of stickers force, nole, and I veto that one that I do not want to see, but I that other that my electorate would not accept … it has led Iglesias to give up and, to secure the pact, renounce your two inalienable names: José Ricardo de Prada and Victoria Rosell. Sources of the purple formation assure this newspaper that “There is no obsession with names, and if they have to be changed, it will be done”, because -as always- “what we want is a decent judiciary.”

Pedro and Pablo, in summer

Since last summer, as confirmed by the governmental sources consulted, Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias agreed to renew all institutional bodies that were pending. PSOE and United We Can, agreed, they would go hand in hand, as a coalition. And how important will the Judicial Power be for the purple ones that the only seats in which the names were settled were those of the CGPJ.

The efforts of the Popular Party to leave United Podemos out of the negotiation first provoked reluctance from Iglesias. But In the end, for the greater good, he gave in… always with the commitment that “the Government negotiator represents the entire Government”, as confirmed, in fact, Jose Luis Ábalos this Monday.

The PSOE affirms that government negotiators also represent Podemos.

This Thursday Congress must vote on the names of the new members of the RTVE board of directors, and both PSOE and PP want to close the entire pack before: CGPJ, RTVE, Ombudsman, Transparency Council and Constitutional Court. And it is a drink for the popular, leaders of a fragmented opposition and in struggle, to negotiate and agree with the Government. And for the Socialists, the toothache of negotiating directly with the PP and delayed with the coalition partners is complicating the week.

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In fact, at the time of writing these letters, on Wednesday night, the teams of Felix Bolaños, by Moncloa, and from Teodoro Garcia Egea, by Genoa.

The fallen

We can resign from De Prada, vetoed by the PP as the magistrate who included the famous paragraph in the Gürtel sentence, which justified the motion of censure. He was the rapporteur for the part of the ruling later disavowed by the Supreme Court considering that the National Court It should not have declared the alleged illegal financing of the PP proven because it was not the object of the process and there can be no criminal responsibility without accusation or defense.

For those of Casado it is impossible to accept a CGPJ with a magistrate who presents such an ideological bias and, even, such a stain on his file.

José Ricardo de Prada.

José Ricardo de Prada.


And Iglesias also drops Rosell, a judge on leave of absence and currently a deputy and delegate of the Government against Gender Violence, in the Ministry of Equality of Irene Montero.

Highly valued by the second vice president, her name came to be heard as Minister of Justice in a hypothetical government of the purple formation. He already had a seat in the first term of Podemos, in 2015, but he resigned and even to politics in May 2016, after the Prosecutor’s Office opened a disciplinary investigation from which, finally, the General Council of the Judiciary exonerated her.

Rosell always blamed this maneuver on the Popular Party, specifically to the former minister Jose Manuel Soria, and on several occasions she has personally confronted the popular accusing them of “plotting a judicial conspiracy” against her.

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