Podemos gives Sánchez a touch and squeezes him with the legislative agenda

  • Belarra accuses the Prime Minister of “tensing” and “putting the coalition at risk” by approaching the PP

For an hour, the coalition government this week feared suffering its worst defeat in the legislature: not carrying out the royal decree law with anti-crisis measures. He saved him, at the last moment and for the minimum. aware of the danger, Ione Belarra gave this Friday a touch to Pedro Sanchez: look less to the right and more take care of the coalition and the investiture partners. The general secretary of Podemos warned him that “we must set the political priorities expected of a progressive government“And that is what the purples are going to dedicate themselves to in the coming months. Party sources assure that they understand the rest of the legislature as an exercise “to tighten the PSOE” and “respond to what remains to be fulfilled of the coalition agreement“.

“The coalition government has to set the pace of the legislature again, it has to regroup urgently and restore trust with the majority of the investiture and with the citizenry,” Belarra stated before the State Citizen Council of Podemos, the highest body between Assemblies. These words come at a time when the purple party is aware that before the upcoming electoral climate – first Andalusiain a year regional and local and shortly after general-, the socialists will try to stop them and depend less on them in the Executive.

Sources close to the Podemos leadership stress the need to “finish developing” the coalition agreement signed by Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias and demand that the PSOE “courage and commitment“. Belarra herself pointed out that “stopping the extreme right is not said, it is done. It is done with courageous policies and not permanently reaching out to a [Alberto Núñez] feijoo that has already decided that Vox is its strategic partner”. In line with recent months, the purples bet on “strengthen social policies” to stop the advance of the ultras.

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Belarra even accused Sánchez of doing the opposite. From “tense” Y “put at risk” the coalition by “reaching agreements with the Royal House and with the PP for a makeup operation of the Monarchy”, in reference to the royal decree approved by the Government, with the approval of the monarchy and without counting on United We Can. against, denounced the also Minister of Social Rights, the PSOE is putting “the brake” on the LGTBI and Trans rights lawa animal protection law and the family lawall of them promoted by the Ministries of United We Can.

And this is not the only front in which Belarra squeezed Sánchez. With the scandal of the alleged espionage on more than 60 Basque and Catalan pro-independence leaders and activists on the table, the purple leader pointed out that it is evident that “not having advanced in the agenda of deepening democracy in this legislature is taking its toll” on the country . Party sources stressed that the ‘Catalangate‘ opens an “opportunity gap” to reactivate the repeal of the gag law, the requested vote and the fight against corruption and tax fraud.

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