Podemos demands the resignation of Batet for withdrawing the seat from Alberto Rodríguez

United We Can not sue Meritxell Batet. Alberto Rodriguez either. The judicial front of the purple against the president of Congress has come to nothing. Of course, they require him to resign for withdrawing the act from the Canarian deputy. “The most worthy exit is the resignation of Meritxell Batet“, has sentenced the co-spokesperson of Podemos, Isa Serra, after a weekend in which it seemed that the waters had calmed down.

It is something very serious. It is a shame. This could not happen. It is our obligation to denounce a fact such as acting, by the presidency of Congress, against the law and we think that that is why the most worthy solution is the resignation of Meritxell Batet, “the leader of Podemos stressed the position of his party on a day in which socialists and purple are going to meet after an open gap in the coalition because of who is leading the repeal of the labor reform. Serra has come to brand Batet’s decision as a “attack on democracy“, not only against Rodríguez and Podemos, and the” legislative power, the popular will and democracy. “

Along the same lines, the former leader of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, has also considered that the president of Congress “should resign for her own dignity.” As explained in RAC1, the withdrawal of the deputy record from Alberto Rodríguez “is outrageous” and the judge Manuel Marchena, president of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court, “has laughed at her.”

Steps back

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In the middle of Friday afternoon, Batet informed Rodríguez of his decision to remove his seat after receiving an official notice from the Supreme Court stating that the sentence imposed on the purple deputy for an attack on authority implied his “mandatory” disqualification. United We can quickly react and minutes later they announced that they would file a lawsuit against Batet for prevarication. The announcement further ignited the internal battle that was taking place within the government between Díaz and Calviño.

However, the purples have been toning down throughout the weekend. Last Saturday, the leader of the United Left, Alberto Garzón, disassociated the complaint from United We Can and assured that it would be an initiative in Rodríguez’s own capacity. That same day, the Canarian deputy decided to leave the party and accused the PSOE of “stealing” his seat. Even so, this Sunday he took a step back and announced that he will not file such a complaint.


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