Podemos already has its law almost ready to decriminalize the use and cultivation of cannabis: “It’s time to be brave”

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United we can announced this Friday that by the beginning of October it will have its law “ready” for the regulation of cannabis use “in adult people”, a text that seeks decriminalize cultivation and possession of this substance, and that he trusts that it can be approved after incorporating contributions from other parliamentary groups and civil society.

This was explained in a press conference in the Lower House by the spokeswoman for the confederal group in the Mixed Commission (Congress-Senate) for the Study of the Drug Problem, Lucia Muñoz Dalda.

Dalda has detailed that the objective of this regulation is “to provide legal security to an existing reality “, such as the existence of” alternatives to the illicit market “, in reference to self-cultivation and the work of associations, as well as” solving “the negative effects of the illicit cannabis market.

Once they have your text ready, they will open it to incorporate input from other groups parliamentarians and civil society. Muñoz Dalda has not set any deadline, but has been optimistic about the possibility that the law will go ahead.

Beyond medicinal use?

Specifically, it has indicated that there have been “changes of position” that may favor its approval. The PSOE, a government partner of United We Can, has opened in the framework presentation of its next Federal Congress to approve “a legal framework for the use of medicinal cannabis through the National Health System and with a medical prescription.”

In their electoral program for the general elections of November 2019, the ‘morados’ went much further and promised to decriminalize “cultivation and possession at a personal and collective level” and to regulate “the activity of cannabis social clubs “.

They also advocated establishing “the role of the State in consumer safety guarantee and in the control of the production, distribution and consumption “of this substance.

For its part, last June the Plenary of Congress approved, at the request of the PNV, the creation of a subcommittee to analyze international experiences in the regulation of cannabis for medicinal use.


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