Poblano restaurant owners announce an investment of 40 million pesos

Puebla, Pue. By 2022, the Poblana Association of Restaurants and Service Providers (Apresac) announced that 15 of its partners will invest 40 million pesos in expanding their businesses, which are in one of the four gastronomic corridors of that city.

Arturo Delgado Ramírez, who heads 300 partners, said that for a decade they had not made this injection of resources, businessmen trust that the tourism sector will recover next year and it will be reflected in their sales by having more attractive and comfortable places to the visitors.

He mentioned that the businesses are between 20 and 25 years old, but they had put aside their growth in space, which was reflected in that being saturated they did not have the capacity to receive more guests and they do not wait more than 20 minutes for a table and chose to go to another.

Instead of taking advantage of its positioning to expand, that opportunity was taken by its competition in a gastronomic corridor, which is why now they had the initiative to invest, with a view to having a return on their money applied in two years ”, he explained.

He commented that these businesses generate around 700 direct jobs, but with the expansions they could create another 150.

The works will begin in January and will end in May 2022, so that during summer holidays the influx of tourists can be taken advantage of, hoping that the pandemic will be controlled on those dates.

He indicated that the second date with the most economic spillover in the year is the national holidays, since tourism increases, especially foreigners, who seek to eat chiles en nogada, a dish that costs up to 350 pesos, which for a restaurant is beneficial .

Delgado Ramírez hopes that these investments will generate an effect on the rest of the partners, since an improved restaurant attracts more customers “who by word of mouth recommend the place and that contributes to having more income, especially when it is the novelty in a gastronomic corridor ”.

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On the other hand, he asked the current Puebla city council to take back the distinctive Mesas Poblanas, which was stopped seven years ago and which rewarded the best restaurants because their menus offer typical dishes as a base, including chiles en nogada, the poblano and hip moles, certification that was granted by a company after evaluation that includes the service, staff and place.

Only 25 establishments have this distinctive of the municipal authority, a very small number, but which is a sign of the importance that it had to be granted and that not just anyone could access, because it also recognized ancestral places, he explained.

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