Sabadell is located in one of the most strategic enclaves of Catalonia. The city, which is currently the fifth most populous community with 216,000 inhabitantsis just 25 km from Barcelona and in one of the most important economic poles of Catalonia. Its unstoppable growth and the large number of opportunities it offers, make it the perfect place to to invest. This is reflected in figures and, according to data from the business association CIESCthe city added 114 more companies in 2021.

A few years ago, the city opted for the urban development of the Sector of Sant Pau del Riu-Seca space located very close to two arteries as important as the C-58 and AP-7which offers a unique space to develop new activities and currently has Via Sabadella commercial park that has brands as important as Ikea, Mercadona, Leroy Merlin or Media-Marktamong other.

In this space, and as a result of the Reparcelling Project for the Sant Pau de Riu-Sec Sectorrealestate Beech Real Estate offers two plots of buildable tertiary land. One of them has a surface of 46,528 m2 and the other of 18,346 m2adding a total of 64,837 m2 of surface with a ceiling allowed up to 25,223 m2.

The terrain is irregular with an upward slope and, given its geographical location, it has some incredible panoramic views of the Vallés Occidental. Currently, the sector is in the last phases of urbanization, waiting to finish some small works.

What is tertiary land and what weight does it have in the Catalan economy?

Tertiary land is, according to the definition given by the legislation, that which it is intended “for the provision of services to the public, companies and organizations”. Considering the weight of the service sector – main use of these two plots- in the Catalan economythis type of land is one of the best bets to make an investment.

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Currently, the tertiary or services sector is the one with the greatest weight in the Catalan economy. In 2021 the 75.42% of the employed population in Catalonia was employed in this sectoraccording to data from Idescat. But another fact: the tertiary sector currently occupies the 68.28% of GDPbeing the sector that contributes the most.

What can be built?

The opportunities of two plots offered by Haya Real Estate there are many. The direct access to the C-58, the proximity to the city center which is 7 km away and its short distance from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)makes the investment opportunities very different and profitable.

  • Dominant uses: These lands allow the construction of offices and services, hotels, buildings in the health-care sector, the educational sector and university accommodation, a very attractive option given its proximity to the UAB, which has more than 37,000 students and 16 faculties.

  • Compatible uses: The two plots also allow uses such as restaurants, daytime recreation, sports, cultural, associative, religious and, also, parking.

For more information about this investment opportunity, you can visit the website of Haya Real Estate.

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Haya Real Estate is one of the leading companies in the management of real estate assets. It currently markets more than 15,000 properties each year through its web portal and a commercial network distributed throughout the territory, in addition to managing large portfolios of assets.

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