PlayStation finally shows God of War Ragnarök

During Sony’s PlayStation event, Santa Monica Studios gave us our first real look at God of War Ragnarok.

Showing a pre-adolescent version of Atreus (or by his Norse name Loki) with his father Kratos. It seems that in this game you will also play as Kratos and have the help of Atreus, like 2018. God of War. There is a scene from Atreus above a deer / antelope-like creature made with light.

It seems that the game will focus on trying to take down Ragnarok.

You’ll fight bigger enemies like centaurs, lizard-like creatures, and more. It seems that you will

Finally, you will find the Norse god of war, Tyr. And Thor is the one speaking in the trailer. Santa Monica Studios has confirmed that All Father Odin will also be more involved in the game. Odin was not seen in the original game, but you can see his green crows everywhere, looking at the player.

God of Ragnarok launches in 2022 on PS4 and PS5. Santa Monica Studios confirms that this will be the end of the Nordic series.

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