PlayStation Develops New Twisted Metal as Part of Broader Multimedia Strategy: Report

PlayStation is working on a revival of its Twisted metal franchise, according to separate reports from VentureBeatJeff grubb and VideogamesChronicle.

First mentioned in Grubb’s Giant bomb show and then corroborated by VGC, the new Twisted Metal it is said to be in early development. The latest entry in the vehicular combat series, simply titled Twisted metal, was released for the PlayStation 3 in 2012.

Last month, Twisted metal Creator David Jaffe also said he heard a new Twisted metal I was in the works, although he is not involved in that.

Otherwise there are no further details on the new Twisted metal They have been provided, but Grubb said the game is part of a larger multimedia push from Sony. “I think Twisted metal It’s in the works, but it may still be a bit far, so I think we got there early, ”Grubb said. “That speaks to a broader strategy change for Sony, well, it’s not even a change, it’s an ‘extension’ of their strategy.”

He goes on to say that “it seems that [Sony] potentially gives the green light for games to match their attempts to release movies and TV shows based on these properties. “

Grubb refers to the ‘PlayStation Productions’ division that Sony has created to develop film and television projects based on its video games. the Twisted metal revival would match the eponymous live action series that was confirmed earlier this year. dead Pool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are producing the series alongside Toronto’s Will Arnett himself.

“It looks like they are going to try to align these things with the games at the same time, and the thought that there is one, they looked [the Marvel Cinematic Universe] and they want to have MCU-like success, and I think there’s a thought within Sony that says, ‘hey, we make movies, why aren’t we capitalizing on that?’ Grubb said.

It’s worth noting that Sony is actually an active part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the company has partnered with Marvel Studios on two Tom Holland-led Spider-Man movies (with a third, No way home, available in December) and three ensemble films.

This would also explain why Sony is working on a PS5 remake of The last of us. While many people were surprised that a game that wasn’t even 10 years old was being remade, Grubb’s comments suggest that Sony is doing it, at least in part, to capitalize on its The last of us HBO series. It should be noted that the show is still filming in Calgary and has no release date. However, the idea of ​​releasing an improved version of the original The last of us around the same time that the show would, in theory, attract even more players.

“There’s a kudos attached to Hollywood and kinky television that I think Sony craves a little bit, but it’s also a good deal,” Grubb said. Up to that point, he mentioned how CD Projekt’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt reached the record for counts after the premiere of Netflix The Wizard Serie. Despite the two not being connected outside of their shared source material, the series clearly led dozens of people to dive into the fantasy role-playing game, no less than four years after its original release.

This raises the question, then, of what other games PlayStation might be working on as part of this media synergy. The most logical answer is a new one Unexplored. After years of development hell, a live action Unexplored The film starring Tom Holland will finally hit theaters in February 2022. At the same time, it is rumored that MLB the show developer Sony San Diego is working on a new Unexplored now that Naughty Dog has apparently moved on from the show. John wick director Chad Stahelski also ready to lead a Tsushima ghost film, which, coupled with the success of last year’s game of the same name, could indicate that a sequel is on the way.

In any case, we will have to wait until Sony is ready to show one of these games.

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Source: Jeff grubb, VideogamesChronicle

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