PlayStation confirms acquisition of Demon’s Souls remake developer Bluepoint

PlayStation has confirmed that it has acquired Austin, Texas-based studio Bluepoint Games.

In particular, the Japanese gaming giant He leaked this news last year in a tweet deleted from his official PlayStation Japan Twitter account. and only now is he talking formally about it.

Specific terms of the acquisition, such as financial details, were not disclosed. However, Bluepoint is a perfect fit with the PlayStation Studios family, given their long-standing partnership. In fact, almost every game Bluepoint has created has been exclusive to PlayStation platforms, including those from 2009. God of War Collection, From 2011 The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus collection, From 2015 The Nathan Drake Collection, From 2018 Shadow of the colossus remake and most recently last year The souls of the devil Redo.

The dividing line between all of these games is that Bluepoint was remastering or remaking existing titles. However, Bluepoint joked in an interview with IGN that his next game would be an “original” title. No further details were released. That said, it’s important to note that an original game simply means that it won’t be a remaster or remake; does not rule out Bluepoint working on a new game based on an existing property.

PlayStation has been shopping for a bit lately. During the past year, the company purchased Housemarque (Return), Firesprite, based in Liverpool, England (The playroom) and Technical support studio based in Utrecht, the Netherlands Nixxes.

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