Plante and Coderre want to work with the Liberals

The two main candidates for mayor of Montreal want to make the voice of Montrealers heard in the newly elected federal liberal minority government.

Tuesday morning, Valerie Plante asked the prime minister Justin trudeau good representation of elected officials from Montreal on the Council of Ministers.

Denis Coderre, he believes that a minority federal government will be attentive to the requests of the municipalities. “Cities, more than ever, will have a role to play,” he said.

Mr. Coderre argued that he would be in a good position to defend the interests of Montrealers with Ottawa, knowing well the workings of the federal government given his past as an MP and a minister.

The two candidates shared their expectations of the new government, considering that it is an essential partner for the advancement of many files, in particular that of public security.

“The federal government must act to ban assault weapons but also handguns,” said Plante. What circulates a lot in Montreal, Toronto and other cities are handguns. “

Further details will follow.

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