Plans ‘drag’ in Barcelona: backfire is a trend

The walls more colorful than a ‘trencadís’ by Gaudí. The ceiling, with the beams vibrating in reddish colors. The paintings, an explosion of color that not even the ‘Holi Festival’. Even the doors and windows wear a palette worthy of Almodóvar. And yet, this colorful collage casts a shadow over the night’s protagonist, a ‘drag queen‘more painted than a door, literally. Welcome to one of the many drag shows from Federica (Save, 3).

Today’s show is ‘The Game of Cala Mari’, hosted by the ‘drag’ Lady Red Velvet. Disguised as the robot girl from the Netflix hit, here the dynamic is the other way around than in the series: whoever does not move during their performance gets a murderous look. She is one of the usual ‘drags’ at the bar, but not the only one. Is also The Moreno, which invigorates the Tómbola, a monthly party that brings together young people to play bingo like their grandparents in the Imserso. There is no generation gap here.

Federica It is also one of the many headquarters of the Ravalada, a kind of ‘pub crawl’ that consists of going, as if it were the game of the goose, from show to show, enjoying an afternoon of the barcelonian transvestite mamarracheo. It is not the only ‘drag’ cod route in the city. There is also the party 8QUE80, a day of board games in different bars where there are as many dice as kilos of glitter.

Yes, these plans have been multiplying in recent years. Although the transvestite culture has always existed in Barcelona ‒ and even Lola Flores applauded those who, equipped with a wig and heels, imitated it on stage‒, thanks to the ‘drag’ RuPaul and ‘Drag Race‘, his’ reality’ variety, ‘drag’ has taken a leap into the mainstream. There are no longer only transvestites in the confines of the Gayxample, now, they are even in ‘Masterchef’: hello, Samantha! (Hudson, not Judge Vallejo-Nágera).

Indeed, Samantha Hudson will be one of the protagonists of ‘A fantasy‘, on Razzmatazz (Almogàvers, 122), a party that brings together great ‒national and international‒ drag stars and camp fanatic DJs for whom ‘Bulería’ is at the compositional level of ‘Para Elisa’. Your performance will be January 8, and will sing, among others, ‘For Spain‘, his new single, in which he laughs at “looks” with a Franco-transvestite dystopia.

But before Hudson, ‘A fantasy‘will bring, on December 6, the Sevillian Carmen Farala, winner of ‘Drag Race Spain’. It will be accompanied by the DJ set of I am a pringada and Algar, of which you can expect everything: “Once we did a contest to see who could put on makeup better in 5 minutes”, they say. At the end of the night, Razzmatazz looked like a Homer Simpson makeup shotgun fan convention.

‘Futuroa Sarao Drag’ is back

She is not the only ‘Drag Race’ winner who will visit our city. The american Sasha Velour, alopecic winner who shows that you don’t need wigs to be drag, will bring ‘Smoke and mirrors’, a show where not a hair is cut, to the Barts (Paral • lel, 62) in March 2022. Also ‘Werq the World Tour‘, the tour of the’ drags’ participating in the ‘reality’, will make a stop in Barcelona.

But if there is a place that promotes drag art, it is Apolo (Nou de la Rambla, 113). On December 11, Futuroa Sarao Drag returns, a ‘queer’ show with so much makeup that it would overwhelm even Kylie Jenner, and on April 1, Urban Tales of Drag Art, an artistic-political journey that neither John Waters. Backfire to revolutionize society.

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And not just ‘drag queens’: Ken Pollet (Pollet, the ‘drag king’, not Follet, the author of The Pillars of the Earth), will visit the Paral • lel room on Wednesday as part of the Spring Pro. A show with fake beards, ‘boyband’ costumes and, above all, a lot of ‘queer’ babbling.

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