Plane with Russian nationals grounded in NWT

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YELLOWKNIFE — The Northwest Territories’ infrastructure minister says a plane carrying Russian nationals on its way to the High Arctic was grounded Tuesday in Yellowknife.

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Diane Archie told the legislature Wednesday that the plane appeared to be on its way to Resolute, Nunavut, with people who were planning to take an overland expedition in a large all-terrain utility vehicle.

Canada closed its airspace to Russian-owned or operated aircraft on Sunday following President Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine.

Archie says federal authorities were informed of the landing and it was being investigated by Transport Canada and the Canada Border Services Agency.

Transport Canada said in a statement late Wednesday that the charter aircraft that landed in Yellowknife was carrying two Russian foreign nationals.

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Transport Canada says it will review whether there has been any violation of the recently announced notice prohibiting Russian aircraft that are owned, chartered, or certified from operating in Canadian airspace.

“Potential consequences and enforcement actions will be determined based on the facts,” Transport Canada said in an email.

“We can tell you that all travelers arriving in Canada are subject to strict screening measures and must demonstrate they meet the requirements to enter the country.”

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