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It ended up costing almost 60 million, but ArriveCAN is used by only 13% of travelers since it is no longer compulsory. Only those arriving in Canada at one of the country’s ten major airports can use it. Many of you reacted to our report on its use. Here are some testimonials that you sent us.


Now thatArriveCAN is in place after we spent 60 million, it would be ridiculous to delete this application. I travel a lot, I use it and save a lot of time when I arrive. Before, we filled out a form on the plane. The application is much more practical. The reason why only 13% of passengers use it is that a majority of people associate this application with the COVID period. They don’t know that you can make your declaration in advance.

Yvon Gilbert

Despite all the application management setbacks ArriveCAN, the last thing to do would be to remove it. I have used this application for several years when I travel and I am delighted when I arrive in Montreal to be able to quickly exit customs and thus avoid unnecessary waiting. It is an application which despite everything works well, but which could be deployed more widely. It really allows travelers to save a lot of time.

Julie Lavigne

My wife and I travel once or twice a year and use the app when we fly back because it’s very convenient and saves us time upon arrival. We will continue to use it.

Yves Leblanc

Where are the express lanes?

User ofArriveCAN from the start, I have confirmed that we spend less time at the terminal, and that’s a good thing. My frustration comes from the closure of the express lines planned for users. During my last visit to customs, annoyed at having to wait in line once again behind non-users, I asked an agent about the reasons for these closures. She told me that management had requested it, nothing more. Management has thus found the best way to discourage citizens from using this application and thus throw away the millions of dollars it has cost us. The real advantage of‘ArriveCAN is to save time in queue and not just in front of the screen.

Gilles Hains

The problem is that there is no longer an express line. It’s ridiculous to fill this out to save 40 seconds. If there were really clearly identified express lanes, that would encourage people to use the application.

Jacques Bournival

I travel regularly and use ArriveCAN. Yes, there is the “express” line (when it is there…), but for the rest, you still have to go through a terminal, scan the passport, print the declaration receipt and go through the line for control by a customs officer and go back in line to give the small receipt to a customs agent at the exit… What’s the point?

Michael Jean

When it doesn’t work

When, after taking half an hour to fill out this application, you are told by the customs officer “we are not looking at that”, what is the use?

Yvan Courchesne

I returned from Europe on March 16. I tried to use ArriveCAN without success. Several times, I logged in, but I was taken to the page of my last trip last year. I deleted the app then downloaded it again. And once again, I came back to the old page from last year’s trip. Unable to use ArriveCAN despite my multiple attempts. Does this difficulty explain the low utilization rate? However, I was persistent… and I really wanted to use it.

Julie Ruel

Perhaps one of the reasons for the underutilization of the application ArriveCAN lies in the fact that it no longer functions as well as during the pandemic. Indeed, for our part, for two years that we have been trying to use it, it has blocked us and told us to make our declaration to the customs agent. Not very effective as we try by all means to facilitate our return. On the United States side, their application works wonderfully… Perhaps it cost less?

Bruno L’Heureux


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