The bank Nacional de Obras y Servicios Públicos (Banobras) placed three bonds in the Mexican debt market.

The BANOB 22 was for 3,940 million pesos, at 3 years and a variable rate of TIIE28 -6 basis points. The BANOB 22-2 was for 1,360 million pesos at 5 years and at a variable rate of TIIE28 -3 basis points. The BANOB 22-3 was placed for 4,700 million over 10 years, at a fixed rate of 9.45%, a differential of 35 base points, over the interpolated rate of the MBono maturing in 2031 and 2034 and in line with the estimated level.

The resources obtained from this transaction will be used to meet the financing needs of states and municipalities, as well as the financing and development of infrastructure projects.

The transaction had a demand of 1.4 times the amount placed, with the participation of institutional investors such as Afores, insurance companies, banks, brokerage houses, investment companies and government institutions, among others.

the financial Crédito Real will defer the presentation of its annual report corresponding to fiscal year 2021, as well as its reports for the fourth quarter of last year and the first quarter of 2022.

The firm said that it is working on the preparation of said information with its advisers and auditors, for which it will make use of the extension provided for in the legislation to present it.

This Thursday the papers of the issuer in the Mexican Stock Exchange fell 24.10% to 63 cents.

The Mexican Solarever, a company whose main investors are of Chinese origin, signed an agreement this Thursday with ATIF Holdings, a financial consulting firm, which will provide all the necessary advice so that it can debut on the NASDAQ stock market in New York.

According to directors of Solarever, a company dedicated to the manufacture of solar products, including photovoltaic panels, energy storage systems and as of May electric cars, its goal is to debut on the NASDAQ this year, more towards the end of the fourth quarter at the latest. .

They say that NADAQ is the quintessential market where one should be if one is dedicated to technology that promotes clean energy, although they did not rule out entering one of the two exchanges in Mexico, either Biva or the BMV, but not in the short term. term, because first they want to consolidate in New York.

To motivate the electronic operation of products and in accordance with its strategy of continuing to develop the Derivatives Market, MexDer implemented the figure of Liquidity Provider.

This figure will guarantee that there is always a purchase price and a sale price among the participants that operate the Future of the dollar in MexDer.

The Dollar Futures listed on MexDer is one of the most traded products in the Mexican market. In 2021 it achieved the highest average daily volume operated in the last three years. The national average daily contract amount exceeds 300 million dollars.

In February 2021, MexDer added to its offer the future of the Funding TIIE, an instrument that allows investors and companies to have short-term interest rate coverage.

The Asociation Mexicana de Institucións Bursátiles (AMIB), ratified Álvaro García Pimentel Caraza as Chairman of the Board.

At the end of December of last year, the custody of securities of the brokerage houses amounted to 8.1 billion pesos, 30.9% of GDP.


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