Pixel 6 Tensor isn’t Google’s only custom chip, check out their new fries

Throughout my life, I have tried some pretty interesting flavors of Japanese chips, like squid ink and green grape, but I would love to try Google 😏. Google announces its Pixel 6 series with a new brand of potato chips in Japan, called “Google Original (Potato) Chips.”

The pun here is that the Pixel 6 series will sport Google’s new Tensor chips, which is why they are rolling out fries.

Google Original Chips also features a bag design that matches the back of the Pixel 6 series and comes in five colors, each matching a Pixel 6 series smartphone. However, Google is only releasing one flavor, called “Googley Salty Flavor”.

Google has made 10,000 oversized chip bags and they can claim them through an online form. However, all 10,000 bags have already been claimed. But they were only available in Japan anyway.

Source: Google, Via: 9to5Google

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