Pivi Romero, boxer and tourist promoter from Villa del Carbón

By telephone, during a break in the final stage of his preparation, boxer Juan Pablo, pivi, Romero frankly shared: I am proud to be Mexican and to be from Villa del Carbón (Magic Town in the State of Mexico). I like horses, charrería and refer to my roots. I always want to proudly show my origin in a ring.

The beers (Pablo’s family diminutive), natural promoter of tourism, will participate next November 6 in the function that Saúl el Canelo Álvarez will lead at the majestic MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In due course, he will be in the center of the place with a Zapatista-type charro hat that he had made for the occasion, in addition to other garments that are reserved for the moment.

Once again, the also member of the Mexican Army will be a worthy representative of Villa del Carbón, which among its main attractions has: the municipal palace, the Del Llano and Taxhimay dams, gastronomy (trout, mushrooms and Rompope del Ranchito, among other delicacies), its leather crafts and the church of San Francisco de Asís.

The federal Ministry of Tourism defines the destination as a Magical Town that maintains its wealth (colonial and natural) and is surrounded by mountains and lush vegetation. It is ensured that its calm environment floods with pine essences and birdsong to visitors.

The editor of this space knew of Villa in the times that Eduardo Cámara, from his social communication trench in the municipality, tried to attract the attention of federal officials enchanted then by the Mexican Caribbean.

On occasions, the Olympic fighter in Rio de Janeiro 2016 is accompanied in the ring by a charro woman, former queen of the Texcoco Fair. His clothing is an additional attraction.

Currently, Juan Pablo has 14 professional fights, is undefeated and is a super lightweight champion of Fercabox of the World Boxing Council (WBC), where he is an ambassador of a program to avoid bullying, but his list of objectives is in capital letters to be world champion in the organism.

Another characteristic of his career is that his team is led by his father and his sister is very close: “My family has always been involved in my sports development. I feel lucky, supported, safe, and full of love. It is clear to me that no one is going to care more about me or take care of me than my family ”.

With the aforementioned attributes, we hope that the Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco, and the President of VisitMéxico, Marcos Achar, will not take any longer to appoint him as Mexico’s tourism ambassador. It is fair!

* Boxing and tourism

In the recovery of the tourism sector affected by Covid-19, the congresses and conventions segment is the one that will struggle the most due to the growing use of technology, so it is noteworthy that the CMB will hold its 59th convention in Mexico City, during the third week of November.

* When traveling, pay attention to sanitary measures.

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