The music catalog of the legendary British rock group pink floyd is coveted by Warner Music and BMGa German music management company allied to the American fund KKR, according to the Financial Times.

The settlement could exceed $500 million, according to the financial newspaper, citing sources close to the case.

It could even exceed the amount of the sale last year of Bruce Springsteen’s catalog to Sony Music, whose amount would have reached 550 million dollars according to the American press, a record, adds the newspaper.

The rock band, led by David Gilmore and Robert Plant, is one of the most successful groups in history, with emblematic songs like “Money”, “Wish you were here” or “Comfortably Numb”, and 250 million copies sold all over the world, according to the site

The sales of music catalogs of musical stars have multiplied in recent years, with those of David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Sting or Tina Turner, which according to the press would have been donated for hundreds of millions of dollars.

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